Jey’s Empire – How to Fight the Communist Party

In Jey’s Empire, you play as J.Edgar Hoover, the legendary boss of the FBI.

Fighting commies is for you a holly crusade, and even if the threat is not so great, a lot of your agents are affected to the monitoring of the PCUSA.

In this guide, you’ll find all you need to know about that organization in the game.

CPUSA Basics

In Jey, the Communist Party of the USA (CPUSA) is not a real threat. This organization is losing steam fast. In fact, if you just simply sit and wait, it will disappear on its own without causing you any loss of trust.

The threat level is still high in 1957, but mostly because you promoted the PCUSA as a dangerous enemy mostly thanks to the anti-communism and McCarthyism of the 1950s.

So the PCUSA is not a real problem correct?

But you still have a lot to manage because:

The PCUSA is an easy-to-exploit stock of trust points.

Think of it as breeding a farm of crops for you to harvest from: If you don’t take care of them, their numbers will decrease, and if you exploit it too much, their numbers will collapse entirely.

The consequence is that if you want to still have points to earn with the PCUSA in the late-game, you will have to use every occasion to strengthen this organization. Nothing raises fear-mongering like an active communist threat am I right?

In the first scenario, you will have a lot opportunities to do so, but as the game goes on, you will have less and less opportunities.

The “Master of Deceit” secret file (in 1958) will give you the first great occasion to raise the threat level of the PCUSA: Use this to keep your main enemy alive.

You have a lot of agents monitoring the PCUSA, certainly too much.

The bad news however is that you can’t take away agents from that case without losing your precious self-control points. The stronger the PCUSA is, the more self-control points you will lose.

You will definitely need some of these agents against more dangerous threats, so deal with them first before raising the threat level of the PCUSA.

You’re not Alone! Your Friends Against Communism.

Indianapolis is the place to be in Jey’s Empire to find friends against the Communists.

You will find there two useful organizations whose activities will help you.

The American Legion is gathering information all over the country about communists.

The John Birch Society is raising awareness of the Red Menace.

To have them work faster toward their goals, just use the “help” action.

The John Birch Society is very useful to keep the Communist Party’s threat level high, even to late-game.

Helping it each turn will add 60% to its efficiency, so do not hesitate.

But be careful: Late in the game, new organizations considered as communist in the game will appear to counter them and these are far more dangerous. You don’t want to raise their threat level as a side effect. Remember the Weathermen bombings of the 1960s and 1970s? Yeah, that’s why you should keep their threat level preferably.

Your third-best asset against the communists is Special Agent John Maraud: Unfortunately for you, he can only be assigned to one FBI office at a time…

You may want to use the man’s talents elsewhere but he is only one man. Use the agent wisely.

A Feeble Threat?

If you compare the CPUSA to the Mafia or the Klan, you may believe that this organization is harmless and impotent.

And you would be right!

This organization has one way to defend itself: Trying to go underground. It will only attempt to do so if your actions drive its size down to 1.

Other organizations like the ACLU may hinder your action against the PCUSA, but they will rarely be a real problem, just a delay in your plans. Thank the Founding Fathers for the principle of national supremacy and the Commerce Clause eh?

The conclusion is that if you want, you can totally ignore this organization without negative impact for you. Instead of raising its threat level, you can keep it low and send your agents elsewhere.

It’s up to you however if you want to keep the CPUSA around as a (carefully-cultivated) farm of points or simply rid yourself of them.

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