Euro Truck Simulator 2 – Road to the Black Sea DLC Achievements Guide

A solution for the 7 achievements of the DLC for Euro Truck Simulator 2.


All credit goes to Xeeran!

This guide spoils you a lot of information and make it easy to get the seven achievements very quick. So if you want to discover it by yourself, go leave this guide immediatly!


  • Balkan Explorer
  • Ranger
  • Ferryman
  • Taking the Scenic Route
  • Turkish Delight
  • Along the Black Sea
  • Orient Express

Along the Black Sea

Complete perfect deliveries (no damage, no fines, on time) between these coastal cities: Istanbul-Burgas, Burgas-Varna, Varna-Mangalia, Mangalia-Constanța. Any order or direction counts.

  • Istanbul-Burgas
  • Burgas-Varna
  • Varna-Mangalia
  • Mangalia-Constanța

Balkan Explorer

Discover all cities in Romania, Bulgaria and Turkey.


Use a river ferry.

Orient Express

Complete deliveries between following cities, in this order and direction: Paris-Strasbourg, Strasbourg-Munich, Munich-Vienna, Vienna-Budapest, Budapest-Bucharest, Bucharest-Istanbul.


Visit all border crossings between Romania, Bulgaria and Turkey.

Taking the Scenic Route

Visit the following landmarks and locations: Iron Gates, Bran Castle (Romania), Pomorie Beach, Wall of Heroes in Varna (Bulgaria), Lake Küçükçekmece in Istanbul (Turkey).

You have to visit 5 landmarks and locations:

  • Iron Gates (Romania)
  • Bran Castle (Romania)
  • Pomorie Beach (Bulgaria)
  • Wall of Heroes in Varna (Bulgaria)
  • Lake Küçükçekmece in Istanbul (Turkey)

Turkish Delight

Complete 3 deliveries from Istanbul which are at least 2,500 km long.

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  1. am stuck with Turkish Delight i done a job from Istanbul to somewhere in the going east and the trip i set to went to 2.600 KM but still no progress what am i doing wrong

  2. Along the Black Sea achievement:

    Seems to me you need your own Container Carrier trailer to find the appropriate deliveries easily.

  3. Orient Express achievement:

    Use your own various trailers to find the jobs.
    When you finished the first job, RELOCATE (teleport) one of your own truck (to an empty slot of your garage to the next departure city) and 4-5 of your own various trailers. Then try to find the appropriate job, attach your trailers one by one to your truck and check out the available jobs.
    Sometimes your driver need to sleep 1-2-3 times or you need to do other jobs before you will find the good job. Be patient and don’t give up!

  4. for Orient express park ur truck in ur Paris garage and leave it their while u do quick jobs till the Starsbough job comes up. do the same along the entire route as ur truck will stay in the garage while ur doing quick jobs and u teleport back to ur truck after each quick job to check and see if the next part of the trip is there or not.
    it helps if its a large garage cause u can refuel in those ready for when the job does come up so u dont have to stop and refuel for the job later. Its also cheaper to refuel in ur garage than it is in services.
    While waiting just look for quick jobs that go towards other achievements.
    Took me 1 week real time to complete it doing that.
    If luck is on ur side u might find the next part of the trip there waiting for u when u get there. I only had to wait around for 2 legs of the trip and completed some other achievement jobs doing quick jobs while waiting for the next leg to come up.

  5. ferryman is worth doing just for the view u get.
    No teleporting like other ferries u get to ride the ferry all the way across from an ariel view.

  6. I actually find along the black sea to be harder than the Orient Express.
    I have been refreshing the game for hours, never found missions to or from Mangalia and Varna/Constanța

  7. Just started playing Euro Truck after I “finished” ATS a few months ago. Halfway done with Euro Achievements and this section by FAR is the hardest. Other than doing 40+ special transport deliveries. SCS needs to revamp Along the Black Sea and Orient Express.

  8. black sea now complete. time to hit Iberia and see what thats like. bought it on day 1 of release but havnt been there yet apart from a few quick job pickups for other DLC achievements.

    once ive done Iberia its cruising around relaxing till HOR comes out as i wont have anymore achievements till then.

  9. i would say do quick jobs till one comes available as long as their not from the places on the route list

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