Heroes & Generals – Soldier Setups

How to setup your soldier setups the best way possible.

The Purpose of this Guide

This guide is for the new players to know how to manage and use multiple soldiers effectively.

Your First Soldier

Your first soldier is your moneymaker for a long time when you start playing the game. He is the one you should level up before getting any other infantrymen. He will be the one that will have the biggest array of weapons in his arsenal. This means that he will change loadouts alot before you get more charecters.

Your Second Soldier

You should always when buying an extra character of any sort plan out what loadout he should have for example anti-tank, inf. sniper, medic, lmg gunner ec. I recommend your second character should be either anti-tank or anti-vehicle due to the super annoying spam of tanks and armored vehicles.

The Rest of the Soldiers

The rest soldiers you buy can be whatever you want but the best way to manage them is to give them clear roles. I will clarify these roles in the next chapters of this guide. But still remember to have an each soldiers purpose planned before you buy him.

The Classes / Roles of the Soldiers

These roles are based on the soldiers weapon and equipment that he has on him.

Anti-Tank / Anti-Vehicle

He is the character that takes care of tank, armored cars, cars and any other type of vehicles (except planes). There are many types of anti-tank/-vehicle weaponry. There are five types of these weapons the rocket launcher (pazershreck and the bazooka), throwable anti-tank grenades (S.T.grenade, panzerwurfmine, rpg-43), the by hand placeable hafthohlladung h3, anti-tank/-vahicle mines (Tm-35, Tellermine 42, M1A1) and for the soviets only the PTRD 41 anti-tank rifle.

The rocket launchers are at the moment the best for killing any other vehicle effectively (except the heavy tanks). It requires three penetration shots to kill light-, medium-tanks and tank destroyers, two for apcs and armored infantry/recon vehicles and one for cars an motorcycles.

The hafthohlladung h3 is the best for killing heavily armored tanks. It takes two h3s to kill any type of tank or armored recon vehicles and armored apcs, one for unarmored apcs. The h3 has to be placed on the tank to kill it so you have to go stand next to the tank to kill it.

The pazerwurfmine ang the rpg-43 are throwable impact anti tank grenades that take three penetration hits to kill a tank, two for apcs and, one for cars. The S.T.Grenade is the same as the others but it doest explode on impact but sticks to vehicles an other objects and explodes with a five second delay.

The mines are a one hit kill to any vehicle that passes over them. They are perfect for holding down important bridges and roads when defending.

The soviet PTRD 41 is the worst of these weapons at killing even slightly armored vehicles it takes multiple penetration shots to kill even a light tank or armored recon vehicle.

The shots requierd to kill things can be decreased with these two badges infantry fist and iron fist. The infantry fist increaces the damage dealt by handheld weaponry to vehicles with less than 20mm of armor and iron fist the same but to vehicles that have more than 20mm of armor.


The medic can be super useful fo you and your team when they get hit and are low on health. The medic should always be on the capture point healing others and defeating the enemy. The medic has to have a defensive playstyle to be the most effective at his job. This doesnt mean that he is always defendig a friendly point but it means that he doesnt go rush into an enemy building blindly. Hang back on the point and move slow and carefully. The medics equipment exept the medkits/medical pouches are free for the player to decide.

Infantry Sniper

The infantry sniper is the man who exsists to be a backup if you are not able to switch to your recon. He is basically like a recon but he does not get the 8x scopes or the fine cross scopes and he has more equipment points.

Secondary Anti-Tank / Anti-Vehicle

The secondary anti-tank/-vehicle is for the rest of the anti-tank equipment that the first charecter cant carry. For exaple you cannot carry a rocket launcher, mines and h3s at the same time effectively.

Multi Purpose / Adaptive

His jod is to be adaptive he can for example protect and repair tanks, defend, attack ec. He is a full on support character.

Combining the Roles / Classes

It is also super easy to combine these roles so you dont have to level up too many soldiers. For example a medic that has a sniper rifle.

What to do After these Roles are Filled?

This is the point where you can just start creating characters that have different weapons. Its for the fact that you have to leave a match fully to switch to the weapon you want to play with but if you put them on different characters you can switch them during the match without leaving it.

How to Switch Characters During a Battle?

Before you have spawned on the map you can see in the middle a small picture of your soldier. Click that and you will open a menu where you can switch your charecter.

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