HITMAN 2 – Mumbai Collectibles Guide

HITMAN 2 Guides:

A guide to the location of all collectable items on the Mumbai map.


This guide will show you the locations of all the collectable items for Mumbai that you will need to complete challenges.

A Secret Grudge

For this challenge all you need to do is pick up Vanya Shah’s diary which can be located in her train carriage behind and to the right of her “throne”.

Once you are inside, walk to the end, past the bed, and you will see it sitting on a stool.

Privacy, Please?

This challenge is very simple so I didn’t bother to take screenshots. You simply need to shoot any 5 surveillence cameras around the map. There are 5 that can be located around Rangan tower on Master difficulty so I would suggest you play on that.

Not In The Script

This challenge is very easy and pretty obvious from the picture if you have played the map a couple of times. Just in case though, for this one all you need to do is climb the elevator shaft in Rangan Tower, and on the 2nd or 3rd floor up if you look down you should see the manuscript on a ledge. Shoot it and it will fall to the bottom where you can pick it up.

A Dark Scheme

Another pretty easy one. Climb up the elevator shaft to floor 4 (there is markings on the wall as you climb up), and as you reach it, wait against the wall for an armed guard to walk over as he patrols the area around the top. Knock him out and steal his disguise, and just go through the door opposite using the key card he dropped. You will see his laptop sitting on his “desk”.


For this one all you need to do is find 5 tapes hidden around the slums area of the map. I have included another video because it would be too difficult to show with screenshots.

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