Planet Zoo – Work Zone Guide (Thoughts and Ideas)

Just a rundown on work zones, staff, and setting it all up.

Work Zone Section Labels

I usually do my Work Zone categories as:

  • Exhibits get named by animals in them.
  • #1 Caretakers, Security, and Mechanics, #2, #3,etc.
  • Front concessions, Concession row, Back concession, etc (whatever I can think to name them that makes sense to where it is in the zoo).


Doesn’t need anything but mechanics to keep them clean.

Ya know, cause that makes sense, the caretakers surely don’t have the proper training like the mechanics do.

Staff Rooms

As far as the staff rooms go, they don’t need any sort of upkeep. So you’ll just put them in the work zones with the zones you want in order to get the perks.

Staff Room Perks

The staff perks are best assigned to the correct staff for the area.

Like, the security buff won’t do vendors any good. So make sure to pay attention to that one.

Vendored Shops

Since there’s no durability on the vendor shops, they only need vendors assigned to their work zone. However, since I’m not sure on the range on security and caretakers, I’m not sure if this is all that needs to be assigned.

Power, Water, and ATMs

Transformers, wind turbines, solar panels, water treatments, and ATMs only need mechanics.

Habitats and Exhibits

Habitats need Vets, Keepers, and Mechanics. So make sure you have you keepers and vets in one work zone, it will make it easier.

Security and Caretaker Zones

So, there’s no heat map filter for crime or for cleanliness to make it easier on us, so I’m really not sure how to set them. This is one main reason I team them up with my mechanics. If I know the mechanics have the zoo covered; then the security and caretakers should cover the zoo, right?

I spam security cameras all over now, even though Security camera #2 has its positioning screwed up (open the camera view on it, have fun looking at the sky). I won’t lie, I’m not sure how they work, if its line of sight or area of effect…… So go with that however you feel comfortable.


I don’t understand why I’m replacing my vandalized objects, considering the mechanics are supposed to repair them….. So hopefully this is something that gets fixed later on in patches.

Written by QuinzelTMaD

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