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Kritika: Reboot - Halo Mage Build Guide

Written by Bell   /   Dec 1, 2019    

This is a Build guide for Halo Mage and what imprints you need to use and why.

Halo Mage Skills (and what I use at 70)

Hello everyone, This is my Halo Mage Guide. This will be showing what skills I use and why I use them.

The Build for this, is the Hopscotch Build.

So first off here is what skills I use:

This is what I use for my High Imprints because anything else usually isn't worth it.

The only other High Imprints I'd recommend are Luminous Barrier CD 2% for the ability to get your main Invulnerability faster.

The Picture I'm showing under here is another Imprint build for Bursting stationary bosses fast with a bit more Burst Than the normal build I run for everything else.

I choose:

  • Halo: Energetic Guardian Lv. 5 - Increases Damage in Halo State.
  • Halo: Glory Goddess Lv. 5 - You gain more damage consecutively using skills, Not in Halo State.
  • Magic Missile Lv. 1.
  • Hurricane Lv. 1.
  • Sparkle Bomb Lv. 1.
  • Angel Cannon Lv. 16 - It's got a low-ish CD worth it for when skills are on CD.
  • Twinkle Guardian Lv. 19.
  • Divine Back Step Lv. 1 - Our main DPS ability | With Bottom Row Imprints.
  • Nemesis Chain Lv. 14.
  • Shiny Bound Lv. 12.
  • Luminous Barrier Lv. 8 - Max if you don't max Angel Cannon.
  • Helios Spear Lv. 9.
  • Darjeeling Angel's Rush Lv. 7.
  • Infinite Apocalypse Blaster Lv. 0 - I don' t have the points to put into it. Max if you don't max Angel Cannon.

Make Sure the Skills you are using here, You Right-Click to enter Halo State before using them.

  • Luminous Barrier: Invulnerability for 3-5 Seconds, Depending on the Level of the Skill.
  • Helios Spear: Huge AoE pull and better overall Damage.
  • Shiny Bound: Bigger AoE, Invulnerability on the animation before actually casting the AoE ability.
  • Darjeeling Angel's Rush: For 100% critical for a short duration.

I choose to upgrade:

  • Luminous Barrier because the higher the level, the longer it has Invulnerability.
  • Twinkle Guardian: Is the Staple behind the build. It lowers CD by 40% and makes you take 38% Less damage.
  • Darjeeling Angel's Rush: Is our Massive Long-Wide Range ability with the Bottom Row Imprint.
  • Angel Cannon: Because of its relatively low CD for a more consistent DPS while some abilities are down.
  • Helios Spear: It's a heavy hitting AoE that pulls enemies in, After you Right Click.
  • Nemesis Chain: High Damage overall and very versatile with a relatively low CD when Twinkle Guardian is Active.
  • Shiny Bound: In Halo State, It Slows down enemies, Hits harder with a big AoE around you.

Alright now to the end of the Build Guide, the reason this is called the Hopscotch Build.

We leave Divine Back Step at level 1 because we don't need to hit enemies with it and at higher levels, it just eats through your mana.

So what we do is activate Twinkle Guardian for a 9+ Second buff on ourselves to lower CD of abilities and since we Do not hit any enemies in this build with the attack The CD is non-existent.

Also with our EX active we use Twinkle Guardian for that as well, To continue our attack.

The EX Abilities we upgrade are:

  • Angel Cannon Lv. 7.
  • Twinkle Guardian Lv. 5.
  • Nemesis Chain Lv. 7.
  • Shiny Bound Lv. 5.
  • Luminous Barrier Lv. 1 - Max if you didn't Max Angel Cannon.

Written by Bell.