Albion Online – How to Chop Trees

Wood is a resource that is harvested with an axe tool of no less than one tier below the tier of the wood being harvested. Harvesting this resource advances the Lumberjack skill. Wood can be found in flat, uncommon, rare or exceptional form. Higher tier regions contain higher tier wood resource nodes.

Wood is also refined at the lumbermill building into planks. Planks are used when crafting weapons or furniture and when constructing certain buildings.

Getting Ready!

First, you have to log in to Albion Online. After that, prepare your equipment for chopping trees. You would only need an axe, Make sure its the tool one (you can use the armor but it’s optional). The more you chop trees, the more fame you get and the more fame you get, the higher the tier you can chop.

Going in Action!

To chop a tree you would need to simply click the desired tree you want (Make sure it your axe has a higher tier than the one you’re chopping) and your character will automatically chop the wood. all you have to do is click, wait and receive.

There are also specific biomes which has no wood and a lot of wood.

  • Forest Biome – Wood is the primary resource.
  • Swamp Biome – Wood is the secondary resource.
  • Highland Biome – Wood is the tertiary resource.
  • Steppe Biome – No Wood.
  • Mountain Biome – No Wood.

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