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Transport Fever 2 - Get Ahead of Traffic

Written by JammyDodge   /   Dec 15, 2019    

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A run down on how to get your company vehicles ahead of the other traffic.

How This Works

To get ahead of traffic in a city you need traffic lights and bus lanes. This means that you have to have reached around 1925. This is when modern roads unlock, traffic lights and all.

When you have a road with bus lanes meet a set of traffic lights, the bus lane gets around 8 seconds between the light turning green for your vehicles and the other AI vehicles. Utilising this will improve your vehicles movement throughout a city.

How to Do This

1. Unlock modern roads (~1925). This unlocks bus lanes and traffic light.

2. Open the Traffic Data Layer. This is located in the top left.

3. Find an intersection where there is medium/heavy traffic along your road vehicle routes.

4. If Traffic Lights are not yet enabled at the intersection, then click on the icon over the intersection. If the icon is white, they are on. You can also look at the intersection visually.

5. Now install bus lanes. Go to the upgrade tool in the Streets section and select the bus lanes. then upgrade the road.

6. You should now be good to go.

Written by JammyDodge.