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Insurgency: Sandstorm - How to Use and Fight Helicopters

Written by Cpt. Black-Burn   /   Dec 26, 2019    

This guide will show you how to deal with both choppers, and how to use them "effectively".

The Black Hawk | Call sign: Cleric

Now, there are only two types of helicopers currently.

Maybe the Insurgents will get Russian heli's or whatever, who know's.

But this bad boy is a Black hawk fitted with a minigun. The bastard flying/shooting, is Cleric.

How Do I Get This Annoying Deathmachine Down?

The most effective on this helicopter is the RPG-7.

But remember the rocket takes lots of time to reach it's intended target, so do some co-ordination, then shoot.

He will react to it, and will attempt to maneuver away, but it's less effective since he is fat helicopter. But at some points he can out maneuver the rocket that is his doom.

If you have access to big weaponry, aka: Machine guns, and anti-materiel rifles. Shoot the back propeller (The small one on the back). And once done enough, the beast shall spiral out of control.

How in The Frick Do I Survive This?

It's simple.

Once you start hearing him come in from the sound of uh... Propellers.

You should find immediate cover. As Cleric only shoots targets visable in the open. And once out of sight, will try to find another target.

Don't underestimate him, he'll mess you up real fast. And sometimes turn the match around.

How to Use Him Effectively?

Worthy information: Cleric stays longer in the fight, but his firepower is much more less than assassin's. But that doesn't make him bad.

When you should use him is when your team cannot push, and get's mowed down by some hidden people. If you know they're outside and not in cover. It's great to call Cleric in. But please don't use him instantly, but rather when there are only 4-2 Waves left. Or the point is shock full of enemies.

  • On good runs he'll get around 8-12 kills or more. And pin down the enemy to buildings.
  • On bad runs, he'll get 2-4 kills. But hey! On the bright side he pins down the enemy to buildings again.
  • On very bad run he'll get shot down.

But since he can pin enemies to buildings, you can utilize him for pushing!

That's why he's a good tool when pushing is needed. So when your team is ready for a big push, call in Cleric and once he arrives and starts firing. Then push all together!

The Apache Helicopter | Callsign: Assassin

Now this is the second helicopter, and the deadliest. Assassin is an apache helicopter, whom is the main attack helicopter for America... You know it's good when it's the goddamn main battle helicoper to America! Anyways enough unworthy info.

How in the Hickety Heck Do I get This Monstrosity Down?

Eeek, it's harder ya? But shooting it down is the easiest. Since she's faster, lighter and more maneuverable. RPG's are less effective, but can do the job if you aim correctly. And not only that, she will maneuver her helicopter, and attempt to dodge em'. Which is pretty effective.

You'll need high calibre weapons, rather a machine gun, or the best. The anti-materiel rifle aka M99 sniper rifle. Not once you've acquired one of these. Start blasting the tail rotor. Small arms can do the job, but does it slower.

How Do I Survive Her?

This is harder, but once she's closing in, you'll hear a more faster and lighter sound to the helicopter. First of all, once she starts arriving, she will fire off her rocket pods, in a large area. Devastating that area, and killing most people there. Usually the point. Once she's shot her rocket pods. She will switch to the deadly accurate chain gun. Once she's switched she will shoot at enemies in the open very much like Cleric.

But you shouldn't be that afraid if you're in the start or half-way in the match. But more towards the end. As assassin is usually the last-resort weapon.

But say, if you are wary that they'll use her soon. I suggest seek cover in another building with mostly windows. Stay further away from the point, or if it has a basement or lower floors. But be careful since the rockets do have a bit of penetration.

Congratulations! if you survived the missiles. Now be careful of her chain gun. It kills very fast, and like I said previously does the same thing as Cleric and shoots targets in the open.

So cover is always your friend.

How Do I Use the Assassin Effectively?

I suggest saving it for the very last resort weapon. We're talking about when you're at the last wave, or more 1-2 Waves. Then tell your team to get ready to push. Call her directly on the point, as the rocket barrage is kinda vertical and comes horizontally. Once the rockets are away, you push.

If you're winning I suggest using her, at the second last to last point. Or if you really know there are lots of enemies in the area, go for it and call her where many hostiles commonly are.

As same with Cleric, this will most usually pin the enemies to buildings, giving in for an amazing push.

Written by Cpt. Black-Burn.