Stardew Valley – How to Get The Golden Scythe

In this guide I will gonna show you how to get the golden scythe very fast and easy!

How to Obtain The Golden Scythe

In-game Requirements

You need to complete crafts room bundle for bridge repair or jojamart member list.



Member List

Cave Entrance Location

The cave entrance is north-west of the quarry.

How To Reach The Reaper Cave Very Fast And Easy

I reached from start to the reaper cave in 1 hour! This is how.

Step 1

I made a new save game and then I modify the files and cheated some money! To cheat the money go under game file folder and edit the file (character name_numbers and edit it with notepad or with notepad++ then find (crtl+f) money). Then click find next few times until you find just money text and then the money count and change the money count and then just save the file.

Step 2

  • Until the first sunday then go to the town and skip the cut-scene and then go.
  • To Jojamart buy The Member Ship for 5000 gold and then skip The Day After The Day.
  • Go back to Jojamart and buy Bridge Repair for 25000 coins and then reach level 2 in mining then buy alot of stone and craft 110 stair cases.
  • Rush to The End of Mine and you will get The Obsidian Sword after this you can go in The Reaper Cave.


At the end of Reaper Cave Is a statue with The Golden Scythe. Click on it and you will get it.

To leave click again on the statue.

Details of The Cave

About The Cave

  • Difficulty – Medium.
  • Enemy Type – Slimes and Flying Skeleton Heads.
  • Small Cave.


Written by Glowingside_YT

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