Deep Rock Galactic – The Canteen Guide

Guide to The Canteen


The Canteen is the place where the dwarves eat in between missions on board the space rig. One of the voice lines is “I wonder what slop there serving in the canteen tonight” which tells us that the Canteen exists somewhere on board the space rig. I think the Canteen should be added onto the space rig and it could be a cafeteria like place where dwarves could purchase different types of food with fun effects and buffs, kind of like how the Abyss Bar works. It could also be managed by another all-purpose robotic drone as the chef who will be making and serving your food. Maybe they could even add more ingredients to find in caves to be able to craft some of the food. So lets take a look at some of the menu items and what effects they could have for eating them.


Mushroom Stew – a stew consisting of cave mushrooms and boolo caps, the traditional meal for any dwarf.

* – no effect.

Maggot Slop – tastes and smells like poop, but will surely give you the energy to keep fighting.

* – makes the player very sick and causes the vomit effect.

Cave Leech Kebab – grilled cave leech tentacles wrapped nicely around a kebab.

* – cause the player to scream.

Naedocyte Sushi – can sometimes be a little shocking when digested.

* – causes the electricity effect around the player.

Mactera Soup – a sweet and creamy soup that’s not for everyone.

* – causes hallucinations of mactera.

Leaf Lovers Salad – a healthy salad to help stop an upset stomach when your feeling sick.

* – removes any effects on the player.

Fried Swarmer – these little buggers are tastier than they look.

* – no effect.


Glyphid Omelettes – everyone’s favorite breakfast item with plenty of protein.

* – sprint 5% faster.

Roasted Loot Bug – we told you to not get too attached to it, sad but delicious.

* – loot bugs you kill drop more minerals.

Karl’s Favorite – grilled praetorian with a side of mushrooms.

* – 10% more damage to Glyphid Praetorians.

Please Note: eating too much will make the player sick.


Here is some potential ingredients to be able to craft some of the food.

  • Deeptora Honey – obtained from deeptora honeycombs.
  • Silicate Harvester Milk – obtained from silicate harvesters.
  • Cave Vine – obtained from hanging cave vines.
  • Naedocyte Jelly – obtained from naedocyte cave cruisers.
  • Glyphid Eggs – obtained from doing egg hunts and finding some in caves.
  • Mushrooms – obtained from caves and different xenofungi in fungus bogs.
  • Cactus – obtained from ejector cacti and trapatactus.
  • Lettuce Leaves – obtained from various plants.
  • Glyphid Meat – obtained from killing glyphids (extremely rare drop).
  • Loot Bug Meat – obtained from killing loot bugs (extremely rare drop).
  • Mactera Meat – obtained from killing mactera (extremely rare drop).
  • Cave Leech Meat – obtained from killing cave leeches (very rare drop).
  • Naedocyte Meat – obtained from killing naedocyte breeders (very rare drop).
  • Maggot Meat – obtained from killing maggots (uncommon drop).
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