Forager – Lighthouses Farm Guide

There are lighthouses in Forager, which bring significantly more loot in every way. In this short guide, I’ll show you a few examples.

Guide to Lighthouse Farming


Here I show you how quickly you can get the 1,000,000,000,000 achievement. Also how to get tons of fruit / berries / raw materials and loot.

Settings + Goal


A tip in advance sets the radius of the buildings to “Off”.


The goal is to get lots of raw materials and in the end the Trillionaire achievement.


You can increase the loot with various potions and buffs.

  • Scrolls.
  • Potions.

Construction of the Lighthouse Farm Station

My order

I have a construction of 48 lighthouses on the screenshot. There are even more easy, as you can see on the screenshot of the other Forager player. I take his data later here.

I counted the lighthouses vertically. Each number represents a column.

5/7/8/8/3/3/3/8/3 = 48

Alternative Order

Given that lighthouse range is 14 (from the centre block) and size is 3*3, it seems that 64 is the absolute maximum number of lighthouses you can fit around a 3*3 island so that the central block is within range.

Rough calculations gives me that one slime king got me ~287 billion coins (from selling all the four colour gems and jelly with greedy potion and merchant shrine buff). This means that if you’re crazy enough to make 64 lighthouses, you can reach a trillion in just 4 slime kings.

In comparison I also did 1 minute of skeletons and they only got me ~500 million (from ~10mil bones and ~800k great skulls), so that’s that.

Edit 2: Messed around with it a bit more. It seems to depend on the very precise position on the island a lot. I can get anywhere from 36mil to 145mil of each of the gems from each slime king.

Get Tons of Fruit / Vegetables / Flowers / Animals / Wood / Ores / Gems / Sand

Example: berries

You have had a berry procurement problem for a long time. You need the berries for the fish traps. If you plant them there, you will get trillions of berries as a loot.

Dig a few holes and insert the desired seedlings.

Wait a short time until the harvest is ripe. I get about 31 trillion berries on one harvest.


You will need two scrolls for this. Either the Druid Scroll or Miner Scroll and the Wizard Scroll.

The role of the wizard converts raw materials into animals.

Place an animal bait in the middle. So that the animals don’t run away.

The animals run through the bait to a point and then kill them with the fire rod. Then you get leather, roasted meat and more.


With the Druid Scroll you can make forests appear. If you do that in the area and add some lasers to it, you will never have wood problems again.

Ores and gems

There are 3 ways to get many raw materials.

The first way is via the miner scroll.

Harvest best with your pickaxe. If you do that in the area and add some lasers again, you will never have ores/gems problems again.

The 2nd way is over the quarry.

The same principle applies here. Set up the laser and / or remove it with the pickaxe.

The last way is through digging. There you get gems, sand, bones and other stuff.



I killed 100 slime kings and then I got about 200 trillion of all kinds. If you sell them you will get the trillions of achievement. Think of the potions here too.

You can farm and loot the other bosses too.

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