Touhou Luna Nights – Aftergame Level Grinding Guide

Exp and gold grinding guide for the easier way to defeat the Final Boss and complete the Boss Rush Mode. Warning! This guide contains some spoilers.

Guide to Aftergame Level Grinding and Farming

The Maximum Level

I don’t know why you will need this, because even the aftergame Boss Rush Mode can be easily beaten without efforts and problems at level 40 or below, but if you very like this game (like me), you can grind to the maximum level. Here are 99 lvl stats without any gems:

The 99th lvl is the final and it makes no sense to gain EXP further, because the counter breaks, despite the set next limit for the 100th level.

How and Where to Grind / Farm?

Find the Lost Holy Sword in «Stage 5: Royal Chambers», breaking the left wall in the first Save Room on location. This ability are incredibly useful and effective for quickly killing enemies on the screen.

Complete the entire aftergame location all the way to the Save Room in front of the Final Boss. This will be the stopping place. There is a vending machine with save point, and before that was a hellish corridor with a lot of the most difficult enemies in the game.

By this moment, you most likely have a level close to the 30th and you can die in this corridor quite quickly if you don’t be careful and don’t use all the abilities gained before that moment. If you have any difficulties, try to find all the hidden objects on the map (use the awesome guides from the other guys).

You just have to go through this corridor over and over again, killing everything alive and collecting gems. After level 50, it’ll be virtually impossible to die in there, because at this point you can easily buy everything from the Store.

Each raid on the corridor will bring you gems of an approximate value of ~ 3,000 gold, unless of course you try to collect them. One run will also bring 200 EXP from all enemies.

Note: Don’t forget to save game after each raid!

If you don’t need more expendable items, you can farm gold for an EXP item that cost 100,000 (it brings 250 experience) to save yourself a little time, but levels until the 60th grind pretty quickly. After that, feel free to sell gems every 5-10 levels, because the stats increase from them is insignificant.


This isn’t so difficult, but you are unlikely to need the last 99th level. Simply, if you’re experiencing difficulty on the aftergame Final Boss or can’t complete the Boss Rush Mode, you can farm a dozen levels in the shortest possible time and it will become mush easier!

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