Farming Simulator 19 – How to Get Straight Lines

Have you ever wished that your cultivating didn’t look so weird? Or when you were planting and realized that you missed a spot and then you have to back up to go get it? This guide will help you to get straight lines when working in Farming Simulator 19. Along the way I hope that you will get some achievements when you use this advice in the guide.

Guide to Getting Straight Lines in Farming Simulator 19

Step 1: Tractors & Tools

  1. If you study some of the tractors, you will notice a strange ornament on top of the hood. If you want to use this guide’s info, you’ll need one of these tractors.
  2. Look for a tractor that fits your needs (large farmer, large tractor) and buy it or lease it.
  3. Next, go looking for a tool (for example, a cultivator) and make sure its overall width is wider than your tractor’s width. Many tools will work for this.

Step 2: Working Your Field

  1. Now, go to your field. The optimal field will be straight on the sides. (If you’re playing in Ravenport map, field 6 is a good choice. So are the default fields that you own when you play in new farmer mode.) Drive to one side of the field and line up the edge of the tool at it.
  2. Now, go inside the cab. The ornament should line up with a row (lining up is easy if the previous crop was cotton, corn, sunflowers, or the like).
  3. Next, start driving. Stay in cab view for best results. If the ornament starts leaving the original row, just steer it back in place. Continue until the field is finished.


There you have it! You now know the secret to make your fields nice and straight.

If you like to do the missions, you will now have a valuable advantage for helping the farmers with their crops.

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