Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem – Juggernaut Bomb Build (Big Crits)

This is the build that I have been playing and improving this past week, Its not gear friendly and it will require a big investment in time to farm really good gear, So hopefully it will not be nerfed since you can’t achieve this performance with just a few pieces.

Guide to Juggernaut Bomb – Big Crits Build

Build in Action

Gear Priority

  • Cooldown Reduction.
  • Focus Shield.
  • Critical Damage.
  • Material Damage.
  • Critical Chance.
  • All Resistances.

Skills Breakdown


This is our dps skill, and we want to pick all the skill modifiers that gives extra absorption, currently with my gear and if all the stars are align I can hit for +50 Millions and 1,5 seconds later it hits again for that value. Sometimes against bosses it seems the damage gets reduced, don’t know if they have extra resistances, so they don’t die with one hit but its not that hard to kill them if we crit, usually 2 or 3 critical hits and they are gone.

Wings of Ishmir

Will be used as movement skill, Force Shield regenerator, provides a small damage buff and also a 100% stun.

Sovereign Shout

Gives us some nice buffs; Resists, Block %, 2 Stamina points and another 100% Stun. Also helps maintaining our Rage above 750 before using Juggernaut (if we detonate below 750 rage we don’t get the bonus damage from the passive Frenzied Blows).


This is great in this build, it gives us some sort of control, piles up the mobs for the detonation, gives them Stasis which is necessary for the passive Which Time Cannot Heal that makes them take another double damage (if possible have anomaly inflicting Curse as well).

Tracker’s Reach

It’s a option to be deal stasis and gather the mobs till you find a good shield/dagger with anomaly.

Mark of Impurity

It’s a great skill to help clean big packs of mobs, Juggernaut detonation will kill most of the mobs, but because we don’t have 100% critical chance some mobs will only take a normal hit which most of the times is not enough to kill them. Mark of Impurity is also a good single target dps increase, it provides enemies to be more vulnerable to damage, but some people don’t like to use it, so in that case you can replace it with Plagueburst which will result in the same for cleaning packs but for bosses it will be worst.


I love this skill, it resets the aggro with most of the mobs, this is especially great fighting last boss of expeditions, it removes ailments which allows to regenerate Force Shield, gives 2 stamina points in a short cooldown and breaks crowd control effects. Currently the skill modifier Shifting Along Walls is not working or would be used instead of Reign of a Phantasm. It is actually doing the opposite of what is supposed to do, cancelling Focus Regeneration.

Written by Xiss

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