Yes, Your Grace – How to Befriend Lords and Grab Their Armies

In Yes, Your Grace you’ll need all the help you can get, so befriending Lords will be crucial! This guide lets you know exactly what you need to do to all with each one!

Guide to Befriending Lords


Welcome to Yes, Your Grace! During the game, your people will come to you with problems, and you will need to try and solve them with gold and supplies – what you reap from just your throne won’t be enough.

In order to complete the Radovian battle, you’ll need at least 600-700 men and some special agents, so you’ll definitely need Lords on side!

Don’t forget, if a Lord has a gem above their head, just like in the castle it means there’s news for you – make sure you invite them to check-in!

While you’ll need to ally yourself with the nearby Lords, but their friendship does not come for free! Here’s what you’ll need to befriend each one!


Jovan is part of the story involving two other characters, Sir Friderick and Noaksey – You’ll have to make some decisions along the one to decide which one (or two) of these you’d like to help you!

Jovan insists that he won’t lend his support unless you also take on Sir Friderick – which sounds simple enough! It turns out however that inviting Sir Friderick is slightly tricky, as he would like to expose Noaksey as a liar.

It doesn’t matter who you side with here, Noaksey or Sir Friderick – You’ll always circle back to the choice of killing Jovan, or sparing him. Sparing him grants him as an ally.

Sir Friderick

As explained above, Sir Friderick is part of a bigger story involving Jovan and Noaksey!

In order to gain him as an ally, you’ll need to speak to him and learn of his plan to trick Noaksey, then invite Noaksey and carry out the plan!

Once Noaksey comes back a liar, the two will clash and you’ll be given the option between them – picking Friderick here will give you his troops no matter what happens to him afterwards.


For Noaksey, you can follow exactly the same steps above then side with him, or warn him about Friderick’s trap – After the story has resolved, Jovan will also then side with you regardless of what you chose, as long as you spare him!

Lady Lena

Lady Lena is very straightforward, as long as you’re willing to promise your daughter Asalia to her – she has a son who will be in need of a wife soon!

As long as you agree to her proposal, she’ll send gold week on week!


Etton and Lurs have a connected story, though it’s far more simple than Jovan, Friderick and Noaksey’s!

Etton will ally with you as long as you do not stop him from trading dust and do not imprison anyone selling dust! Easy!


Lurs’ allyship requires two things – For you to shut down Etton’s dust operation, and to imprison anyone selling dust in your throne room. You’ll lose Etton’s troops doing this, so it’ll be important to consider which you want more!

Once you’ve completed both tasks, just invite Lurs back and he’ll pledge his troops to you!

Via Lyt

Via Lyt is one of the easiest allies to befriend but is very simple to lose early on.

She hates Radovians, so when one arrives at your door very early in the game, you need to either imprison him and hand him over to her, or kill him.

Letting him go or refusing to hand him over will make Via Lyt hate you, and it will be impossible to win her over from there.


Getting Ada as an ally requires you to pay a little attention, but is pretty straight-forward. She’ll come to you explaining that she’s been caught out by a thief and has had money stolen. You need to be on the lookout for someone in a green outfit, a dirty apron and a hat.

Once you’ve found the thief, imprison him and let Ada know – she can come and collect him and lend you her aid!


Grego is another very simple one but requires you as a player to make a moral(ish) choice.

Grego is burning paintings so that his own art may flourish, and he’s looking to buy the stork painting that hangs in your bedroom. Simply pull it off the wall and sell it to him to gain him as an ally!

For some extra gold, you can also sell him some other pieces of art around the castle (if you don’t mind him destroying them!)


Masha, similarly to Ada, is looking for a thug in red gloves! All you need to do to get her on side is find the thug in your queue of petitioners (this should take around two weeks after you first invite her) and imprison him, before handing him over to her. Simple!

Pietro: The Paranoid Lord

Pietro is a bit of a sneaky one, as he’s not an ally you can invite. He will visit you regularly, and if you make the right choice, he will lend you his men!

Pietro is worried that someone is coming to get him, always worried he’s not safe. Turns out if you imprison him, he feels much safer, as now he has bars and a guard at all times! Chat to him in your dungeon to ally with him!

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