Yes, Your Grace – How to Get the Perfect Ending / Family Matters Achievement

There are several different endings available in Yes, Your Grace. Here is how to get, arguably, most perfect ending possible!

The Plan

Here is an extended guide explaining exactly how to get the “perfect” ending.

Some things are up for debate but essentially – in order to get the Perfect ending, we are going for the Family Matters achievement. That involves saving everyone in your family and not losing any other major characters. I’ve included a video guide to help and also show you the final good ending in case you are already too far gone.

Middle Daughter

The easiest character to start off with – is your middle daughter Asa. She has fallen in love with Maya a Radovian princess herself. Always be supportive, don’t even THINK about promising her to that pedophile king and when the time comes, and she asks to leave let her go RIGHT AWAY.

Your character never see’s her again but she does end up happy.

Youngest Daughter

Your youngest, the silly pickle herself needs to have a protector in the final battle. Throughout the game she will have a series of pets.

Make sure when the time comes you give her that chicken she always wanted.

Eventually she ends up with a bear…as dangerous as he seems…let her keep Wojetck and she and her mum will be okay!

The Queen

Speaking of her mama, the queen is a little more difficult to save…near the end of the third act she wants to perform a ritual to make she her baby is a boy.

Not only do you have to buy/find all the ingredients from 2 different merchants you also need to perform the ritual perfectly or she unfortunately passes away.

During the rituals make sure you pick the lines:

  • We beg for forgiveness for calling upon you
  • We ask you to us what we desire
  • Let the mountain break…

As for placing the ingredients in the adjacent bowls. You can ask the witch again if you forget so take your time and don’t forget to put the oil in the crowns boil TWICE.

The Rest

As for the final battle itself – make sure all of the upgrades have been purchased, obviously, and try to have upwards of 300 soldiers. That is NOT including the reinforcements needed to roll over the soldiers at the end.

I went with the saving the Radovians route. So I was able to use bombs and firecrackers during the siege. Despite being outnumbered 10 times in the end we only lost a handful of people.

Following these instructions will absolutely ensure you ding the Family Matters achievement but more importantly – gives you that cathartic ending.

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