The Longing – Complete Achievement Guide

This guide contains comprehensive achievement walkthrough.

How to Obtain All The Longing Achievement

The Halls of Eternity

Found deep below the tunnels in the lower left corner of the map.

Running Water

On the way to the Hall of Eternity you will come across a large boulder. Move it aside and you’ll notice running water. You’ll find a facet in your room now which you can turn on and off.

The Map

Toward the northern piece of the map before you get to the mine there will be a map of the full cave that needs to be deciphered. Standing there long enough will make the room shrink down small enough so the camera moves out and lets you see the full cave. Take a screenshot and use it for future use. Once Shade has this quote the achievement will unlock.

Disappointing Achievement

You’ll find these all over the place anytime a path is blocked either by a huge gap you can’t jump, wall you can’t climb, or door you can’t unlock. Once you get five the achievement will unlock. Still not sure what having so many will do – if there’s any consequence.

Head of a Horse

Found in the Hall of Eternity. The time needed to find it varies. I found it after about two minute of walking, others seem to find it after about an hour.


There seems to be two, but I’ve only found one so far in the mine below an unstable platform. Stand on the platform a few minutes and listen to ground shake. It will break after a little while.

The second in on the bottom right of the map, where a cliff will drop you onto a bed of moss that will take a few weeks to grow. After that it’s just a quick flight of stairs and you are there.

The third can be found close to the surface.

My Favorite Painting

You’ll get this for drawing a little lice of each color you collect on your journey.

Wah Wah Wah Waaah

This can be unlocked after finding all four pieces of your musical sax and playing a few notes. While I’m still learning the mechanics of playing it, several guides I’ve read state that you have to click on various parts of your cave room to play the notes. I got it after clicking on the wall and the floor.

Where to find the pieces


Above the mine you will come across a few patches of mushrooms. Each three purple ones and you will enter a dream state and see some of the world above. It is repeatable, and each dream should be fairly different. I’ve seen three so far.

A Face

About mid level past the falling ceiling spike (takes a few days to fall) you can find a blue cave containing the face. Talking to it will unlock the achievement. You can ask him questions that will cost you (5x dissapointments, 20 coal, and 20 moss).

Home Sweet Home

You’ll notice time moves just a bit quicker while in your room, faster when you read a book, add furniture/crystals, play music, or add drawings to your walls. The trick here is to get the timer to countdown by about ten seconds per one second of real time you spend in your room. I suggest getting paper from the Hall of Eternity since it seems to have a near endless amount. Here’s what my room looked like when I popped the achievement.

Crystal Glory

There are five crystals of different colors that need to be collected:

Red: In the hallways with three doors. There are several along the wall.

Pink: Near the mushroom cave (pic pending since I already grabbed it)

Black: In the caves on the bottom left of the map near the Halls of Eternity.

Blue: In the room with the face that you ask a few questions.

White: in the cave where moss needs to weeks to grow you can drop down the ledge and find this near a large waterfall. Grab the mattock if yours broke or if you haven’t picked up the one from the mine.

Home Improvement

This will require a mattock and a bit of time. Go to the left of the fireplace and start chipping away at the rock. You will need to pick away until you reach the flowing water for the achievement to register.

Becoming Darkness

I’ve read several sources each with varying times it takes to fall asleep while you’re idle. Once Shade is idle and seated long enough a dialogue option will open and prompt you to question whether it is best to stay in the cave or leave when the time comes. There should be an option to ‘Becoming the Darkness” or something along those lines.

Mushroom Gardener

I’m still not sure how I got this one. It seemed like all you had to do was plant about 8-9 mushrooms at various places. I planted two in my room, two in the cavern with the mushroom growing out of the ceiling, and a few by the cliff you need to go up above the mushroom cave when the achievement popped.

Leaving Darkness

You’ll get this as soon as you’re out of the long stretch of darkness above the mine, once you’re near the surface where two of the four endings will take place if you wish to leave, but there are a few steps you must take.

  • Step 1: Find the face room and speak to him. It will take a few days for the ceiling spike to drop. Ask about overcoming the darkness and pay his toll to be able to shut your eyes. I believe you will need five disappointments (See above tab).
  • Step 2: Near the mushroom farm in the cave you will need to place mushroom in very specific spots to create a combine effect. I placed one purple near the cliff, and two green behind it as close as I could. After a few days the one closest to the cliff will grow enough for you to climb over it and onto the cliff.
  • Step 3: When you’ve mined where you need to go and climbed a long set of stairs and enter total darkness you’ll find a set of yellow eyes. Don’t get too close. Shut your eyes when the screen allows you to and hold down your walk button to walk past it. If you get to close with your eyes open it will send you back to your room and you will need to try again at a later time – your mushroom ladder will need to regrow if you fail.

After that it’s a long stretch of darkness till you reach light, then the achievement will pop.

The Library

This one will take about a month of waiting and once you walk in the achievement pops. You will find a spot going through the moss-filled cavern that brings you to a dripping pit. The pit must fill with water for you to swim across and climb the cliff on the other side. After that just keep simply moving forward till you’re in the library.


This one will be a bit of a project because it requires you to have a mattock, the ability to reach past the darkness near the surface, and have a bunch of moss and wood. 20 moss and 10 wood to be exact.

The mattock can be found near the surface, in the mine, or near the waterfall past the collapsing ceiling spike. 8 wood can be found in the mine and the other 2 near the surface.

Moss is easy to get and grows in several caverns within the cave.

Dig out the rest of the cave in Shade’s room and once you have a little enclave in the second level carved out you can construct your bed once you have all the materials. It will take a few hours.

Secret Tower

As with anything past the mushroom cavern, make sure you’ve unlocked the clue about the darkness (shutting your eyes to escape it) and that you’ve planted the mushroom that will allow you to scale the cliff leading to where the character can jump.

Mine five sulfur rocks from the cave and after you’ve gathered flint and tinder from random locations light a sulfur fire in your room fireplace and Shade will walk out saying it smells funny. He will auto-walk to the main entrance to the tower, provided you’ve cleared the way of the shade and have the mushroom to jump over.

The Cave

I got this right before entering the Secret Tower. Still not sure if you have to explore every location or just the last half of the map after the mushroom cave, but I’ve seen every inch of the map even all the twist and turns leading up to the Hall of Eternity.

Colorful Stones

Currently working on getting screenshots for this during my second play. It requires you to have all five colored stones used for your drawings.

  • Black: You’ll start with this stone and it will be your default color to draw with.
  • White: Treasure Room
  • Red: Northwest part of the map near the moss cavern.
  • Blue: In the caves, just past where you moved a stone to climb.
  • Yellow: In the mine, I believe. Sulfur cave.

Avid Reader

This requires you to read quite a bit. Still not sure of all the details, but it’s either a number of pages or books. I found 29 books during my play through, some in parts of the cave, most from either the library, secret tower, and the Hall of Eternity. For longer books, just log out while reading them and Shade will idle read them. Here’s the library I had toward the end of the game:

Neverending Notebook

This is a tricky one because it isn’t really stated anywhere (at least that I can tell, but using game forums I’ve seen people able to go into one of the game files and adding a little something not it. Here’s where to go.

steamapps -> common -> The Longing -> The Longing_Data -> StreamingAssets -> books_plaintext -> notebook

You’ll have to copy something to add to it (make sure you’re not in game when you do so. I pretty much copied the Iliad and pasted it into the notebook. I found the Neverending Book in the Secret Tower but some people say they have found it elsewhere (library, hall of eternity, etc) but it is an item you can find in game. Once it is in your possession go back to your room and read it, the achievement should pop.


Once you reach the 35 day mark, Shade will announce it is his birthday. I’m sure you’ll have to be logged in and playing for this one to unlock, not sleeping.

How I reached the birthday was timing how long Shade spends in his room (usually once you have paintings and furniture time will move quicker) and determine the number of days needed till his birthday. For me, time was passing 16 days for ever IRL day. On that last few day I read all books (killed about three or four days – maybe more) lit some fires, slept and played some music to pass the time. Achievement unlocks after the midnight marker rolls over – you have to be logged in and playing to get it.

If you happen to be playing a few minutes before your birthday begins, make your way to the waterfall and stand under the middle flow. When your clock hits 35:00 a small green crystal rises from the water, giving you the option to pick it up. I picked it up quick so I don’t know if it rises slowly or just pops up and vanishes. Shade will comment that it is a nice gift from the king.

The End of Longing

Okay, so there’s prob a lot of spoilers already but also a good amount of people on Steam trying to keep some of the ending under wraps so I’ll do my best to not spoil what happens – though one of these endings is so obvious – and I will simply say what needs doing to get there.

Ending 1: The Cliff

After making it past the mushroom cavern you will find a set of stairs with a blue glow and some sinister sounds taking over the ambient music. Follow the cliff and chose the action if you want to, but the game will end if you chose to jump.

Ending 2: Found by Old Man

Near the surface you can see people walking toward the well to get some water. If you see the old man, make your way to the well and ride the bucket up. It will be near the surface and a mattock, Shade will comment on it being a hidden spot.

Note: The old man will not be present late game (after the 400 days have passed), so if you chose to have him be the one to find you Shade will need to make his choice before then.

Ending 3: Found by Kid

Same as above, but instead this time it’s the kid fetching a bucket of water. Near the surface you can see one of the two walk by every few hours before you make your choice.

Ending 4: Wake the Master

After 400 days you can wake your master. It won’t automatically end, so you will need to approach the king and do so yourself.

Ending 5: King Shade

I think this is the truly happy ending. It requires you to have all three large crystals in your room. The pink one can be found in the secret tower. The yellow is found in the secret room. And the green can be found under the waterfall before it stops running. Once all three are in your room and you place them together it will form a white portal for you to go through. Once you do, the game will end.

Extra: Stork and Key

High above in the secret tower you’ll notice a bird’s nest and a key near it. Shade will comment that he does not like storks. To get the bird to show, you will need to be here when the clock reaches 21 hours – don’t fall asleep or leave the game. Make sure the map is zoomed out as far as it will go (it will do so once you’re in the tower long enough, I was in the tower waiting about fifteen minutes beforehand) and you will see the outline of a bird fly by three times, each time getting closer. He’ll eventually land for a moment and take off, making the key fall where Shade can then pick it up.

This can be used for the secret door.

Extra: Secret Door

This one is a little bit of a dozy but if timed well it isn’t that hard. (You will need the key dropped by the bird in the tower.)

Step 1: Go to the room where you discover the map and examine it. The screen will zoom out and show you several possible spots where it looks like a door might be (they look like faded brown/grey domes) and one of them will be a brightly brown colored door. This is your secret door. It changes randomly, but it will be in this location next.

Step 2: Go to that spot and tag it so you can auto walk back. Be back here by midnight (when the clock hits 00:00. Depending on how much free time you have you can either hang out and just keep track of time so you don’t idle too long or fall asleep, or head back to your room and kill time if you have longer to wait.

Step 3: You want to be at that spot a little before midnight. I suggest being back at least three to five minutes before midnight, so head out about thirty to forty five minutes depending on your location – some can be as high up on the map as the cave. Thankfully for me, mine was fairly close to shade’s room. The door will appear after a few moments and Shade can use the key found in the tower here.

Notes: Don’t fall asleep and run the risk of dreaming while you wait, because there will be a huge chance you’ll miss the room – it won’t be around forever. Once you enter the room after you start taking items the room will close up and you’ll be trapped inside. Shade can only exit if you wait again for the door to appear – aka another midnight. Be back in game and waiting a few minutes to midnight just to be on the safe side and wait for the door to reappear. As I write this, I am still trapped in said room.

Extra: Lapis Luzuli

Lapis Luzuli becomes available after you’ve reached 35 days. It can be found in the room with the white crystals and the waterfall, but the water will be turned off. You won’t see the blue stones because it’s in the ditch you need to walk in, but you’ll have the option to pick up four stones. These stones have the ability to turn back time when used in the fireplace in your room, but they don’t turn back time more than a few seconds (unmodified real time) but they are not consumed when used. If you go back to before your bday, then there will be more blue stones to pick up.

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