The Longing – All Locations of the Mattocks

Here are all locations of the Mattocks in The Longing game.

Full List of Locations of the Mattocks

The First Mattock

  • Tip 1: Outside the territory of the king behind the door that takes 2 hours to open there is a mine.
  • Tip 2: When you can see the mattock you are already in the right room to get to the mattock.
  • Tip 3: Look at the support beams under your ground.

Solution: Stand at the top of the second support beam, you’ll begin hearing a cracking sound. After a while you’ll also be able to see that the crack the support beam has is going wider. Wait there for some time and the ground will collapse, letting you get to the mattock and also to the sulfur and the charcoal mines right from there

Another Mattock

You will already be able to see it before you’re able to get to it!

It’s in the part of the cave where the moss needs to grow ~2 weeks for you to land on it safely. Just wait that time (you can wait at home of course) and you can go get the mattock

How to get there: It’s in the right part of the kings cave system. If you don’t know how to find it, look at another guide with a map on it and search for the Waterfall Cave.

Secret Mattock

Late game spoilers!

In order to find this mattock you should look for the secret tower. The mattock is below the entrance next to a skeleton.

There is a strategy in order to get there as easy as possible: When you already have explored all parts of the cave you are currently able to reach, you can make a sulfur fire in your fireplace at home.

When you do that, the shadow will say that they have to leave the room until the fire extinguishes and it will leave the room on its own and start walking. Don’t stop it from walking! If you get there if you accidentally stop the shadow it will say “Now I can finally breathe again”. This is the most easiest way to find the secret tower.

It is likely that you have to prepare for that strategy: Let the spider make a web for you to climb and then solve the mushroom puzzle because you will have to get through the darkness behind Angst.

Last Mattock

You won’t find this one until the very end.

It’s near the entrance to the overworld. If you’ve overcome the darkness you can’t miss it!

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