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The Longing - World Map

Written by Mindbender   /   Mar 11, 2020    

Crude, handdrawn map of my progress so far in The Longing. Descriptions included. Do not use if you want to play and explore the game by yourself!

The Map

  1. Cliff / Cave... wait for moss to grow to jump down (Pickaxe visible). ~2 weeks.
  2. Wait for stalagtite to fall down. ~1 week.
  3. Library door, blocked from this side.
  4. Part of musical instrument.
  5. 20x Moss, 20x Coal, 5x Dissappointment for answers.
  6. Use pickaxe.
  7. Cave with boulder, push to let water flow to your home.
  8. Drops filling hole to climb up. ~1 month.
  9. Two hours to open door.
  10. Pickaxe.
  11. Move bolder to climb ledge.
  12. Spider. "Visit friend" from above to push spider down.
  13. It takes ~1 day for the web to be ready to climb.
  14. Cave with big mushrooms.
  15. Stand above cracked column for a few minutes to fall down to get axe.
  16. Examine and wait for map to zoom out for achievement.
  17. 5 pieces of coal in ~10 minutes.
  18. Grow mushrooms. Glowing as near as possible to the ledge, green as near as possible to the left of the glowing one.
  19. Pickaxe.

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Game:   The Longing
Written by Mindbender.