7 Days to Die – How to Destroy 5000 HP Blocks Easy

Guide to Destroy 5000 HP Blocks

First Way

The time consuming one:

  • Get the required perks, get the best tools you have and.. spend the rest of your day chipping off 10/100 hp per hit.
  • If it is metal, you might find it more useful to use a wrench instead of pickaxe.
  • In some cases, a better wrench is more effective than a pickaxe.

Fastest Way

  • Dynamite.

Bonus tip

If you need to raze a, say, wall, 10×10, then you only need to destroy the blocks that are at the borders. The blocks that are not attached to anything will fall as rock piles of 200 health.

In Details

The average time to destroy 5000hp:

  • Steel pickaxe tier 6 take 2mn.
  • Iron pickaxe tier 6 take 4mn.
  • But you need too to put point in some skill to up their dps/harvest & down the stamina used.

Between different tool to destroy quickly the same material (without count/talk about the harvest), the dps of a tool inferior vs a superior tool, example:

  • Stone axe tier 4 vs iron pickaxe tier 2.
  • Iron pickaxe tier 4 vs steel pickaxe tier 2.

The dps of this tool inferior tier 4 can be better than the tool superior tier 2 (value tier is wrong, I put it just to understand the mechanic but it’s nearly something like that & without set any skill point to them).

So, to avoid to test each tool wich is better when the tool superior don’t have a tier superior than a tool inferior, just take a look of the dps for each tools (but you can test it to be sure like you just did the compare).


  • Iron/steel pickaxe have a normal dps to destroy iron/stone.
  • Stone axe have a discount dps to destroy iron/stone.
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