Cosmoteer: Starship Architect & Commander – Tips to Build Station

If you want to know how to build a station and how that can then trade with you – read below. Is it the same as building a ship? Or what is different from building what is a station or a ship? The answers in this guide.

How to Build Station


  • A station right now is basically a ship.
  • You still need the typical modules. The only difference making it a station would probably be to make it non-movable.
  • But since the game right now is too limited, that wouldnt get you far.

Pro Tips

  • Because of the limitations, i would advise you to create a station next to an AI controlled station.
  • Since you cant create a designated Spacestation, the AI ships/Factions wont aknowledge you and thus not send trading vessels to your station.
  • Which means, if you have a station somewhere in space, it would be pure luck for other spaceships to visit it.
  • To workaround that problem, placing it next to an AI station means you regulary have trading vessels appear in comms range.


  • The AI wont trade with your station by itself, it has to be in coms range for you to initiate trade (i hope that changes in the future).
  • Yeah, it isnt worth it to lets say produce Ammo to sell it, its not worth anything.
  • Its a bit unbalanced that a produced item is less worth than the actual resources used.
  • To make trading worthwhile, you need to get hands on valuable resources, not iron or sulfur.
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