The Forest – How to Obtain Fisherman Achievement (Catch Fish with Trap)

This guide will show how to catch fish with a trap easy.

Catch Fish with a Trap Achievement Easy Guide


There are small ponds all around the peninsula which contain fish. To complete this achievement, you will need to place an animal trap from the survival guide into a pond of water. The achievement triggers when the fish is caught, not when the fish is harvested from the trap.

Part 1

  1. First search for a pond (there are small ponds all around the peninsula, you will easily find any pond).
  2. Then Open your survival guide by pressing “B”.
  3. Now go to the trap section.

Part 2

  1. Now select Rabbit Trap.
  2. Once you place it on water, it will automatically turn into a Fish Trap.

(28 Sticks + 2 Ropes are Required)

The achievement will trigger when the fish is caught.


  1. This may seem like an incredibly easy task but for new players to PC gaming, it is greatly appreciated! Thank you!

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