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Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord - Trading Tips

Written by Grim_Reaper   /   Apr 1, 2020    

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Here is a quick pro trading tips. So You never make losses.

Dwarven Trading Tips

We have all had this problem before and made this same mistakes. Buying this and then Selling it at a lower price. Except Dwarfs because they keep records.

Because Bannerlord doesn't show you the price you paid but what you are going to get for your items. It is up to U to do so. I made a small list on my phone but you can do it on almost everything (in Stone is not recommended nor in the Book of Grudges).

Simply write or type the cost of the items like so:


  • LP - 23
  • BP - 23
  • City S - Zeonica
  • City B - Village with Midlands Palfrey


  • LP - 34
  • BP - 34
  • City S - Zeonica
  • City B - Village with Midlands Palfrey


  • LP - 54
  • BP - 54
  • City B - Village with Sheep production

  • I wrote LP which means Lowest Price of the item in the game.
  • And BP is the Buying Price of the item.
  • You could add the city where you can sell it the best aswell as where to sell it

  • When you start the game I recommend to hire 6 recruits and buy Butter and Cheese and if you can 5 sheeps.
  • This because when you start you go directly to Zeonica and sell Butter and Cheese.
  • If you hold on to the Sheep you will see the price going up for it in the city and you can sell them for more than 120 a Sheep Rhotae.
  • Now you can move to any City and sell your items/loot without losing your hard earned Gold.


  • LP - 214
  • BP - 216
  • Rhotae and then sold for 398 can even go for around 440.

  • The thing you could do is also go to the Tavern and talk to the locals.
  • They will tell you what to buy and where you can sell it plus the profit you could make.
  • It will take some of you time but atleast 8 out of 10 leads pay off.

  • Later when you have the chance buy or keep them after a fight are horses.
  • Cheapest horse will do 54 gold for Stumpter Horse.
  • This is all for increasing your caring cap. for trading.
  • You could also do this by recruiting units but that works only if you don't want to fight.
  • Because fighting will give you Goldcoins after the battle and Loot.

Loot that you get from Looters sometimes be: Smithshammer, sickel or a Fork.

Step 1

Go to Poros where you can buy Hardwood cheap in the start atleast 2.

Step 2

Go to the Smith, refine and make atleast 1 Charcoal.

Step 3

Still in the Smith, Smelt and smelt the weapon.

  • You will see that you get Hardwood, Iron ore, Crude iron and even Wrought iron.
  • These can be sold for a great profit.

  • Smithhammer sold for 50.
  • Buy 2 Hardwood ~34p=68.
  • Sell 1 Crude iron~45p and 2 Wrought iron ~80p and keep the 1 Hardwood =205.
  • Profit is around 137 gold instead of 50 for just selling the hammer difference of 87 gold.

  • U see i used a lot of dots between the numbers because steam didn't aloud me to use space's.
  • I know a lot of you think this is stupid and time consuming but its not.
  • Every time U look at the LP you start remembering it.
  • Then all that the BP does is aid you in making the right call.
  • This system works even better on high value items like Jewelry and Leather for instance.

Written by Grim_Reaper.