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KARDS - Meat Grinder Deck Guide

Written by Cowan5   /   Apr 17, 2020    

Here you can find a cheap, simple, and effective deck.

Meat Grinder Deck


This is a cheap deck made with only 8 limited cards and one special which is replaceable. It has a positive winrate at Officer Club level.

It puts out a lot of cheap infantry which gain from buffs.

Mulligan for: 

  • 321st Rifle Regiment.
  • 15th Cavalry Regiment.
  • Reserves.

Once you have one of those try to also find removal (Bloody Sickle, Amphibious Assault) and draw (Bloody Sickle, Rising Sun).

Early Play

  1. Build up a force: You need to have a conveyor belt of infantry moving from your support line to the frontline. Don't immediately rush to the front if you're giving the enemy value trades - however you do need to get to the front soon to challenge any bombers or artillery. The ideal time to move forward is when you have a buff (Type 93, Type 97 Chi-Ha, Model 25). Do not play the buff early, you want to hold it back as a surprise. The opponent will target the buff units.
  2. Play smart on the frontline: Keep replenishing the support line with infantry. Primarily attack the HQ using your 0 supply cost units. Don't attack the enemy units unless they are bombers/artillery or by not attacking you leave value trades for the opponent. You want the opponent to attack into your guys to spend his Kredits. Keep the buff units in the support line. Use removal when you can. Use the draw cards when you can.
  3. Move in for the kill: Eventually you will have a full frontline, buffs in your support line, and units ready to move forward from your support line. You're also likely to be out of cards and the opponent the same. At this point ignore the enemy units completely and put everything on the HQ.

Written by Cowan5.

Game:   KARDS