Drug Dealer Simulator – How to Find Alternative Routes to Sector B

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If you are having difficulty locating the alternative routes to sector B. Here is a guide for finding both routes.

Guide to Alternative Routes to Sector B

Circumventing Borders

Sector B is locked down tight and it is difficult to get product back and forth.

This becomes especially annoying once your clients become hungry for product.

However, the tasks to locate alternative routes 1 and 2 will come up long before your client base begins growing in sector B. This gives you a chance to familiarize yourself with figuring out how to get product over. But where are the damn routes?!?

By now you have realized throwing your backpack over the wall is a little bit more difficult than how it looks in the trailer. So finding alternative methods are necessary.

During Sean Penn’s interview, el Chapo revealed the alternative routes to sector B. I have come to pass on this knowledge:

It should be noted that all entrances to and from sector B can be used to help escape during a police chase.

Route 1 in Kennel

Edit: this is not the only sewer route/entrance and I have added an additional sewer entrance towards the end of the guide.

The entrance to Alternative Route 1 is a sewer entrance located in Kennel near the Gas Station.

This entrance is free of charge.

The mark on the map is the exact location.

This one is a little hidden in plain sight, right in the middle of the street.

But once you find it, simply look at the entrance and engage.

Note: you cannot carry your backpack through the entrance.

You arrive in the Downtown area of Sector B

Route 2 South of Two Towers

Alternative Route 2 is a construction tunnel located directly south of the Two Towers.

The mark on the map is the exact location of the entrance.

As you approach, You will see a construction worker just standing there.

Before entering, you must interact with the construction worker.

Go through the dialogue.

He will then charge you 100 dollars for unlocking the tunnel.

Note: You will be charged this everytime, on both sides of the tunnel.

Once you have paid, approach the entrance, interact with it and pass through.

Here is where you end up on the other side in sector B.

Interact with the construction worker to return. Again, it will cost another 100.

Map view of ending location:

Joe’s shop is right down the street.

Additional Sewer Entrance Locations

So far I have only noted 1 additional sewer entrance that takes you to Sector B aside from the one in Kennel.

Located slightly East of East Old Town, its the first main street passed Eddie’s house

Exact location on the map here:

This Sewer route puts you between East Dead Town and the Cemetery in Sector B

Sewer Entrances That Do Not Take You to Sector B

Not all the sewers go to Sector B. However, they could still be used to help evade the police, especially during a chase.

The first sewer route on this list:

Located between the West Old Town and Two Towers.

Exact location on the map.

It puts you out on the intersection south of West Old Town and East Old Town.

The second sewer route on this list:

The entrance is located on the North part of Stink.

Exact location on the map.

It puts you in the middle of the Old Market.

Exact map location.

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