Hydroneer – Builder Guide

This guide will show you hoq to build in Hydroneer the game.

How to Build

Before to Start

There are many placeable items in hydroneer. In this guide we will use a bed as an example.

Please note some items require a foundation block to be placed below them first.

How-to Step-by-Step 

The first step is to buy the item and bring it to you build site.

Now with the Item in your hand press “LMB” to activate place mode.

Now use “R” and “T” to rotate the item to the correct orientation you would like.

Now move the item to where you would like to place it and it will turn blue if its a valid spot.

When the item turns blue press “LMB” to place it.

You can lock the item using the construction hammer to stop you from picking it up, first pick up the hammer and look at the item then press “LMB”, this can be done by pressing “LMB” on the item again with the hammer.

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