Hydroneer – Starter Guide

This guide explains how to start in Hydroneer.

How to Start

To start a new game fist you would want to click “start a new game”.

Once your in the game you will want to grab the basic shovel and bring it over to the pan and bucket.

Once at the bucket and pan you will want to pick up the pan.

Once you have the pan picked up you want to drop it into the water by pressing “E”.

Pick the pan up up again by pressing “E” and you want to drop it on the dirt.

Next you want to grab the bucket and brush and bring it to the pan, note you can you have to take these individually.

Once the bucket , pan and brush are together you want to pick up the basic shovel by pressing “E” and left click the dirt to dig some.

Now you have some dirt on your basic shovel you want to left click the bucket to dump it in there , you will need to the last step and this one again to fill the bucket.

Once the bucket is filled drop the basic shovel by pressing “E” and pick up the bucket by using “E” as well, there will be a green circle on the ground and you want to aim this above the pan with water in it.

Now you want to press left mouse button to drop the dirt into the pan like shown then place the bucket to one side by pressing “E”.

Grab the brush by pressing “E” then look at the pan and press “Left Mouse Button” twice to clean the dirt.

You can now drop the brush. and you now have some valuable items what can be sold by following the How to sell guide.

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