Hydroneer – Crafting Guide

In this guide you can find useful info about crafting in Hydroneer.

How to Craft


To craft in Hydroneer there is a few things list below you will need:

  • Small furnace.
  • Anvil.
  • Blacksmith’s Hammer.
  • Casting mold.
  • Crucible.

Please note you can’t mix the ore types.

  • Also if you need help with placing please go to the Builder guide.

Crafting Step-by-Step

Once you have everything placed the first step is to place your ore into the crucible, the can be done by pressing “E” on the ore then placing the green dot into the crucible the pressing “E” again.

Once you have all the ore into the crucible it should look like this.

Now you want to pick up the Crucible with “E” and place it into the small furnace.

After a few seconds the ore should melt and your crucible should have a liquid in it.

Now press “E” on the crucible to pick it up again and go over to you casting mold.

Whilst looking at the casting mold press “LMB” to poor the liquid ore into a bar, you can now place the crucible to one side.

Now we want to pick up the bar with “E” and then place it back into the small furnace.

Whilst the bar is heating up we want to select the crafting recipe on the anvil by looking at it and pressing “LMB”.

For this example we are going to be making a Ring what needs 1 gold bar and 1 gem as seen on the anvil.

Now we want to place that ingot and gem onto the anvil by having the green dot on top of the anvil, should like below.

Now we want to get the blacksmiths hammer and go back to the anvil.

Now we want to “LMB” the anvil and it will make the desired crafting recipe.

  • After dropping the hammer the item can be picked up by pressing “E” and can be sold be following the sell guide.
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