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Hydroneer - Guide to Sell (Ore, Bars, Gems)

May 9, 2020    

This guide explains how to sell in detail.

How to Sell


In Hydroneer there are a few ways to sell, this guide will show how to navigate to the first sell point.

Please note you can only sell:

  • Gold Ore.
  • Iron Ore.
  • Gold Bars.
  • Iron Bars.
  • Gems.

Note: It possible as well as Items made on the Anvil.

Sell Step-by-Step

First you need to navigate up this road until the end.

You should reach a well with a table behind it.

You want to place your Iron Or Gold or Gems on the table seen below these can be in a pan or bucket and it will only take the valuables.

Once your items are on the table you want to press the button highlighted below to get your coins.

Game:   Hydroneer