GWENT: The Witcher Card Game – How to Unlock Cosmetics

In Gwent, many elements can be customized by each player. Avatar, avatar border, title, card back, gameboard, leader skin, leader accessories, coin… and there’s a lot of skin for everything.

Cosmetic Guide


Cosmetics are a great way for developers to sell content within a F2P game without giving advantages to the player. While many cosmetics are added throught the shop in game, a lot can also be found by completing some tasks or playing during some events.

  • The following page contains everything you can unlock in Gwent!

In this guide, I will just talk about the main unlock methods and explain the different kind of cosmetics available.


Avatars are shown on your profile and will be visible to your opponent when the game starts.

Avatars from contracts

Each time you rank up, you will receive a Mosaic Avatar. You can also get some avatars for winning 1000 matches with a specific faction.

Avatars from the reward book

It is possible to find some avatars within chests inside some reward trees, but for most of the trees, you will receive an avatar when you unlock every single nodes within the tree.

Avatars from Journey

When progressing in the Journey (Battle Pass equivalent of Gwent), you will get some avatars from time to time instead of reward points.

All avatars in a single picture


Borders are elements that go around your avatar.

You can see them each time you can see the avatar (start of a game, in your profile, in the leaderboard…).

Borders from contracts

There’s is one border per expansion that require you to win 100 games with each leader ability introduced in the expansion. During faction challenges event, it is also possible to win a faction themed border.

Borders from reward book

Borders in the reward book are mostly present in Seasonal trees. These trees are modified every month to reflect the current season theme.

All borders in a single picture

Card Backs

Cards backs can be modified for each deck and are visible to your opponent and on your draw pile.

You can receive a cardback for free when you complete the tutorial. Every month, there will be also at least one seasonal tree giving a card back themed around current season.

When expansions are being released, there’s usually one animated cardback given for pre-ordering kegs (card packs) and an alternative version available in the shop later.

All cardbacks in a single picture

Game Boards

The board you play your games on can be modified too! And you can select one board per deck.

By default, the board used during the game is the board of the person going second (sometimes called “red coin”).

Game boards are only offerend in the shop or during some events.

One gameboard can be found in a reward tree, in the Year of the Wild Boar tree (second page of the reward book).

Leader Skins

When you start the game, you will have access to one leader skin per faction… with the ability to unlock many more easily! Leader skins are present during the whole battle and have some reactions / taunts you can use.

Leader skins are set per deck and are restricted by faction (you cannot use a Monsters skin in a Nilfgaard deck).

Each base faction reward tree allows you to unlock 3 different leaders. Each expansion tree allows you to unlock 6 different leader skins.

Each leader also has a reward tree containing an alternative color of the skin.

All leader skins in a single picture

The Legendary Leader skins can be customized with additional trinkets.

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