Terraria – How to Upgrade Copper Pickaxe (Fast Method)

Are you tired of using a copper pickaxe for 20 minutes straight, nonstop mining ores until you finally get that one upgrade… To lead or iron? Well guess what pal, you’ve been doing it wrong this whole time!

Upgrading Guide 

Upgrading Really Fast

So, In order to upgrade your copper pickaxe to platinum really freaking quick, you’ll need to head underground. Now, the reason why it takes so long to get a pickaxe upgrade is because you stop at every single ore vein possible. Only stop at lead, and get 15 of it and then make an anvil or get a merchant to move in and buy the anvil or(the least reliable method) try and find an abandoned house that has an anvil in it.

Next up you’ll need to find chests. Do not mine ores! Do not be enticed to mine them, That’s why it takes so long to upgrade, you mine them with the slow freaking copper pickaxe that takes so long to mine. Only find chests (and life crystals while you’re at it). 

The chests will always have bars in them by default, surface chests have either tin/copper or lead/iron, and gold chests have silver/tungsten or gold/platinum. 

Highly recommended you try and find gold chests. You’ll need 12 of any bar if you want yourself a new pickaxe. If you have somewhere around 8-11 bars and can’t find anymore chests with bars, go ahead and start mining the ores for the rest of the bars. 

Don’t bother with copper and tin unless you’re making armor/bows.

After finding 12 bars, get yourself your new pickaxe!

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