Terraria – Guide to Saving Resources on NPC Homes

A simple guide on how to reduce the amount of building materials you use when making NPC homes.

How to Reduce the Amount of Building Materials

Part 1 – Building the Outer Structure

Note: I will be using stone platforms and iron bricks because their texture has a grid on it which makes it easier to see the edge of each block.

Lets start with the base foundation. Just four blocks, nothin’ special.

This is the only part of the house that will use blocks, the rest will be platforms and walls.

Next, we add platforms around the sides.

If done properly, the inside space should measure to be 4×8 blocks in size.

Part 2 – Interior Decoration

When it comes to walls, you can save a decent amount of blocks.

This is the bare minimum that Terraria will allow for a wall, and it only cost 2 blocks!

Next is the table and chair.

You will have to use a workbench, a regular table won’t fit.

When it comes to lighting, you can either use;

a torch, or

a lamp.

Either one works, But if you use a torch I would just recommend putting it higher up so you don’t accidentally break it when talking to an NPC.

Part 3 – Building Multiple Homes Together

When building multiple homes together you can save even more resources by using the wall of the last home as part of a new home.

Newer blocks are marked in green.

Part 4 – What You Actually Save

When comparing resources, I will be using the image below as an example.

I will also be using wood as a material example for simplicity and due to how cheap it is to get.

So, what does either house cost in total?

  • Left – 18 wood.
  • Right – 34 wood.

Note: neither of these count the table, light source, or chair.

If you wish to add costs of the table and chair, add 14 to each result.

So, if you’re building multiple houses then yeah it can save quite a lot of resources and make it easier to add even more houses on in the future, plus you can go through 90% of the building meaning you can just put it anywhere without it getting in the way.

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