Mafia 3 – Danger Close, Pop, Pop, Closed Casket Achievement Guide

Please note: All credit goes to Billy Blazkowicz!

Mini practical guide for achievement hunters, and also new players in Mafia III: Definitive Edition.

How to Obtain Danger Close – Pop,pop – Closed Casket Achievements


Hello there lads, let me quick guide you for an eazy way of those achievements.

Just founded good way without much efforts of doing this achievements and i want to share with you,at least this worked for me as well.

Danger Close Achievement

Ok, first of all if you didn’t complete whole game story that would be great, cause this is good DLC mission for quick farm this achievements. There are 2 part areas that you can farm this is first part that i found a eazy way.

DLC Sign of the Times-Harless Mansion

There are 4 enemy in area, it’s simply good cause the area is cluster small and doesn’t take time to achieve.

Very easy to do it just walk behind by enemies and point to them, then drop Proximity Mine on them. Repeat process, restart checkpoint, or kill yourself with molo, good way is that the kills still counts after you back in same checkpoint.

Ceremonial room

Pop, pop Achievement

Okay time for second achievement, same area 4 enemies is perfect for farm specially this achievement, just press SPACE and smack out enemies, then again repeat process 10 times.

Closed Casket Achievement

Second part of area is great for farm this achievement it will take a bit time to get but without much effort.

Welty Storage is a small warehouse located in Barclay Mills.

The warehouse is full of enemies, and its good area to farm.

Closed Casket

Simple,take it slowly, wait them one by one to come at you, then take them out press and hold Q button a bit. Also bring meds as well to heal up when you are low health. Repeat process again, this is maybe more slow method to get achievement but still good way, remember no point to rush.

There are planty ways for this type of achievements to farm,anyway i showed my way how i discovered.

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