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Sea of Thieves - Advanced Sword Lunge Techniques

Written by entspeak   /   Jun 3, 2020    

Guide to Sword Lunge Techniques


The sword lunge is a powerful tool in the right hands. Many know how to do the basic sword lunge: Hold down the left mouse button to power up, and you will lunge forward. Some know how to do the Block-Lunge: Hold down the right mouse button to block and then do a sword lunge. This latter technique will give you more maneuverability and, if time right, allow you to lunge farther. But, there is even more to this tool and I will cover these advanced techniques here.

The Standing Leap Lunge

This is a simple addition to the Basic or Block Sword Lunge. You will leap straight up in the air and land in roughly the same spot. This is great for use on small ships like the sloop or in other close quarter spaces. If you hit, it will knock your enemy back while leaving you in the same place. I've used this to knock players off a ship, but keeping me aboard and ready to fire at them in the water. Here's how it's done.

  • Engage in either a Basic or Block Lunge.
  • The moment before lunging hit the space bar to jump.

Note: it can help to look down with the mouse as you leap and then forward again as you land.

The Reverse Leap Lunge

This is a lunge where you end up slashing while jumping backwards rather than forwards. This is good against skellies when you have a number of them advancing and you want to attack while giving ground. Here's how it is performed:

  • Engage in either a Basic or Block Lunge.
  • The moment before lunging, hit the space bar and S to jump backwards.

The Dodging Leap Lunge

This is the same as the Reverse Leap Lunge, but you leap sideways instead of backwards. A normal dodge is done by blocking and leaping left or right which will engage a fast dodge. But, timed exactly right, this will dodge (albeit a little more slowly) and swipe.

  • Engage in a Block Lunge.
  • The moment before lunging, hit the space bar and either A or D to leap to the side.
  • In the air, rotate the mouse to keep your aim near your opponent for the next move.

The Split Lunge

As noted above, you can move your mouse after you lunge. This is useful for subtley changing direction in the air or navigating mid-lunge in the water. It can also be useful for hitting multiple targets that are near one another with one lunge... like making a split in bowling. On one occasion, I was able to use this technique to kill one player and knock a nearby enemy who had just boarded off the boat with the same lunge. Here's how you do it:

  • Engage in a Block Lunge.
  • As you leap forward aim at one target and then immediately aim for the second as you pass.

Note: You can combine this with other techniques mentioned above. I've used this to kill a group of skellies with a Standing Leap Lunge and also catch the straggler who showed up a smidge late to the party.

Written by entspeak.