BarnFinders – All Items and Collectibles (Level 9 / Crash Zone)

Please note: all credit goes to Protato!

Level 9 / Crash Zone – Items

Story Related Items

To get to the actual ship, you first need to step into the bathroom and press on the toilet paper.

Start of the 1st floor, on the 1st room to the left you will find a keycard on the table(acctidentaly picked it up), which you later use to pull one of the levers:

On the 2nd floor, you can climb up on a ladder, then turn off the electic box and the electricity will go down. There is a switch on each floor, just gotta turn them all off:

Then you can go down and a stairway down will open:

Then you gotta press the switches in the right order to turn off the forcefield:

Then you get the mission item and you can leave:


1. First aid kid – On the right on the bottom floor, in small pods:

2. Lilka pad – In one of the closets on the 1st floor, 1st room to the left:

3. Zippo and ming – On the table in the same room:

4. Death ray body – On a shelf in the same room:

5, 6. – You can press a switch right from the door and some items will drop – a Nikita cutter and an H2O booster:

7. Zebaroo- on a shelf inside a box on the 1st floor:

8. Iron rhino handle – On the table on the 1st floor:

9. Red cyclone – In the bathroom on the 1st floor:

10. High Phillipson – Hard to see, but it’s in a pod on the 1st floor:

11. Nikita cutter – 1st floor, up the ladder, on the side:

12. Nitro hercules – 1st floor, up the ladder, all the way at the end of the walkway:

13, 14 – 2nd floor, 1st room to the left, you can find a bring waves microwave and a kawa stand:

15. – Smart boozer – 2nd floor, near the table:

16. H2O booster – found in one of the pods on the 2nd floor:

17. Mikko tank – When you turn all the switches, you open the basement floor, where it can be found:

18. Buguswood chair – On the basement level, by the console:

19. Fusion 6 (Mission item) – In the basement level, after rescuing the alien:

20. Lilika pad – Basement level, left from the alien’s chair, in a small pod:

Level 9 / Crash Zone – Collectibles

You can get the golden toilet paper, you need to turn all 3 switches off so the basement stairway opens, then you just go to the 1st floor, turn a switch and grab it:


Comic book page Nr. 6 or 8(Not very sure, got confused), in the toilet on the 1st floor, need to go to the further stall then break the trash and go through the vents:

Floor skin – Behind some trash on the 1st floor, up the ladder to the left:

Moonshine – gives a poster, can be found on the 1st floor, 1st room to the left, on a table:

Poster 1 – 2nd floor, room to the left, on a wall:

Poster 2 – gotta turn off the force field, go to the 2nd floor, jump to the middle, then down the wires and grab the poster:

Wall skin – basement floor, behind the aliens chair:

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