Derail Valley – Starting the DE-6 Locomotive (Non-VR)

This guide explains how to start the DE-6 diesel locomotive.

The DE-6 Locomotive Start Guide


This guide is temporary until a manual for the DE-6 is provided in the game. While starting the DE-6 is similar to starting the shunter, it is not obvious how to do so.

Cab Breaker Panel

For the first step, open the cab breaker panel.

Note that the panel is opened and closed using the mouse wheel. Rotate the wheel up to open a panel and down to close it.

Now that the panel is open, flip the four switches up.

Close the breaker panel.

Engine Panel

On the right-hand side of the locomotive, open the engine panel.

Note that if you jump down onto to the ground from the walkway with the engine doors open, the game will automatically shut them.

Open the right-hand door and find the Engine On/Off switch. Turn it clockwise, or turn the scroll wheel up (the primer doesn’t work yet).

This will start the engine.

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