The Coin Game – How to Earn Money in Survival

My personal experience playing The Coin Game survival and how I raked up a bunch of cash early on in the game.

Guide to Earn Money


This is entirely based on my experience, so it may not work for everybody. Plus, this guide heavily relies on grinding for the first few days, so it may not be the most fun. However, this strategy helped me earn some serious cash early on, so you can earn over $1,000 in under ten days.

I created this guide for a few reasons. The major one was that i noticed many streamers playing Survival, getting frustrated, and quitting early on. I wanted to share my experience to help people get a head start so there might be less stress starting and they can spend more time having fun. If anyone has any recommendations on how to optimize this strategy, I encourage you to comments below.

Starting at Home

When you first wake up, you need to utilize the free resources given to you:

The free crane game in your bedroom: The crane game in your room has a Candy Plush and multiple soda cans – some full and some empty. Pick all of this up. I usually drink some of the sodas until my energy is 90-100%. Pick up the empty cans, because you’re going to sell them later.

The pantry and the fridge: Downstairs, you will find a fridge and a pantry to the left of it. Pick up anything you think you need or want to sell. I would take some bandages and some sodas. This is also the time to decide whether you care to keep Gary (your goose swan) or your fish alive. If you don’t care, you can pick up their food and sell them in the Pawn Shop. I prefer to keep them alive, but I don’t think it effects the gameplay if you don’t feed them (also, I’m pretty sure if you don’t feed them for a week and then put out food they’ll be okay, so they’re immortal).

Leaving Your House

Once you’ve gotten all your supplies, go outside and get on the bike. Now you have two options:

  1. Go do some chores and then go to Barry’s Pawn Shop.
  2. Go directly to Barry’s Pawn Shop.

This is purely based on your preference. If you enjoy doing the chores, you could go do them. Honestly, I don’t like doing the chores. I think they consume a lot of your stats for such little gain. I prefer going to the Pawn Shop to sell what is in my inventory.

Wherever you decide to go, I highly recommend scavenging through the trash cans that you pass. You can find unscratched lotto tickets, food and drinks that can replenish your stats for free, or trash you can sell. I do this whenever I can and have always found some lotto tickets and earned $10-$20 bucks.

Fill the remainder of your inventory with any trash from these cans and go to Barry’s.

Once you get to the Pawn Shop, sell everything you don’t need (trash, toys, glow sticks, etc. you know the drill). Now that you’ve got some dough, get on your bike and head to the Carnival.

The Carnival and The Balloon Game

The Carnival is probably the best place for you to be in the first few days. It is covered in trash cans, so there is ample opportunity to find tons of supplies / junk. The main star of the Carnival, however, is The Balloon Game.

Next to the Ferris wheel, there is a game where you can throw three darts to pop balloons. After paying three dollars, you can start popping these guys. Each balloon you pop equals one point.

Here some math to explain why I love this so much:

  • One Pink Snowcone is worth $22 ($44 if it’s in high demand).
  • The Pink Snowcone costs 4 points to get.
  • The game costs $3 to play.

  • For each dart, you would assume you could only get 1 point per dart. However, if you move your camera to the far right (as far as it will let you), there is a high probability you will pop two balloons with one dart (you can also pop two at one time on the left, but it’s a little harder to do). This means for every game you play, you can earn up to 6 points. After playing the game over and over, the balloons at the edge will auto-regenerate, giving you more opportunity to earn more points per game.
  • With enough practice, you’ll be earning an average of 4-5 points per game. This means every game you play will earn you one Pink Snowcone. You will be making a $19 profit per game. If you are getting three points per game, you will still be earning about $13.50 profit for every game you play (if you continue playing).

TL;DR the math section, this is one of the most profitable games you can access that requires little skill and yields major profit. If you fill up your inventory with them, you can exchange them all for $264. I sucked at popping balloons and I still got the golf cart on day three or four using this strategy.

The Best Supplies

Here’s a list of the supplies I love:

  • Bandages: They give you tons of health and only decrease your energy a tiny amount.
  • Sodas: Lots of energy, super cheap, and you can resell the can.
  • Elephant Ear: If you are desperate for some energy and you’re still wanting to pop some balloons, turn around and get an elephant ear. I find it super convenient.
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