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Bloons Monkey City - Sticky Sap Plant Guide

Written by Watch Codehunters on Youtube   /   Jun 27, 2020    

Guide for beating Sticky Sap Plant tiles.

How to Beat Sticky Sap Plant Tiles


Sticky Sap Plant is a Special Mission where the goal is to survive 22 waves with two sap plants.

Both of the sap plants have glue by them, which will slow down Bloons which are on them, alongside two Glue Strikers active abilities (2/4 Glue Gunner). The Bloons that spawn on the map will vary, but only one MOAB will spawn on the final wave. On completion, the Extra Sticky Substance Special item is unlocked, which makes glue from Glue Gunners last 20% longer and increases slowdown by 5%. If Extra Sticky Substance is already obtained, 50 Bloonstones will be given instead. The Superior Adhesive Factory building, which unlocks the Glue Striker upgrade for Glue Gunner, requires a captured Sticky Sap Plant tile to build.

Map Layout

Bloons that are on the glue will be slowed down. Note the two Glue Striker abilities.

Sticky Sap Plant tiles


  • 1 Super Monkey (0/0).
  • 1 Engineer (2/2).
  • 1 Ninja (2/1).
  • 1 Sniper (2/1).
  • 1 Boomerang (2/2).
  • 1 Bomb Tower (2/2).
  • 1 Apprentice (1/1).


When in doubt, use the Glue Striker abilities from the map, as they can save you in a pinch by slowing all Bloons on-screen, and small damage over time as well via Corrosive Glue effect.

Start off with a 1/1 Engineer as placed here, 1/1 Sniper works as well, but can be saved for later waves if your starting cash is too low.

Place a Ninja Monkey a few waves in to combat Camo Bloons, and upgrade it to 2/1 later on to help deal with stronger Camo Bloons and help out the Engineer with crowds. While any anti-Camo tower/upgrade can work, I chose to use a Ninja Monkey due to there not being that many requisites to get one, plus low price ingame. If anti-Camo isn't a strong suit for you, the Glue Striker abilities from the Sticky Sap Plants can hit Camo Bloons and slow and damage them.

When you an afford it, place a 2/2 Boomerang Monkey as in the picture to help deal with weaker crowds and Lead Bloons.

Do the same thing later, but with a 2/2 Bomb Tower instead.

Get a Super Monkey as quickly as possible to deal with stronger Bloons and the MOAB on the last wave. While I refused to upgrade mine to make the guide a bit more versatile, upgrading it makes the mission even easier.

Remember to use the Glue Striker abilities given to you as needed.

Closing Thoughts

While the mission might seem daunting at first, it's actually surprisingly easy, especially when using the Glue Striker abilities given to you as needed. Sticky Sap Plant is a very fun Special Mission, that rewards you with an upgrade to all Glue Gunners, as well as allowing you to unlock the Glue Striker upgrade for Glue Gunners. Even after you finish both of the tiles, playing it afterwards via the "My Maps" section of the menu awards you with $1000, which can be useful for getting money quickly early-mid game.