Bloons Monkey City – Useful Tips and Tricks

This is a guide I’ll be making that will teach you some very helpful tips for Bloons Monkey City!

Tips and Tricks

All credit goes to xeourus!

City Basics

Are you having troubles making your city look good? Does it look like a jumbled mess of joy? Well, continue reading to find out how to fix it!

See that button with the Ruler and the Pencil? You can change the placement of everything once you click there!

Here’s a great example of what a city could or should look like

You see how every building is placed within a very close range of the same buildings? Well, it looks very neat that way! The same building placed within a close range of each other will help you a lot. Try rebuilding your city and do that if you haven’t!


Now that you know the basics to a good city, let’s talk about our fellow friends, Monkey’s.

Monkeys are the key to success, they are currently at war with the Bloons and always will be. Why are they at war, you ask? No one really knows that complicated question. A mystery, perhaps!

Here’s the basics. There’s a map with a long or short track, then you place down a Monkey, which either throws/shoots Darts, Magic, bombs, etc. You have to plan a defence so the Bloons don’t get to the end of the track, because if enough of them get to the track, it’s game over. You have a certain amount of lives, so don’t worry if a few Bloons get passed your defense.

As you level up, you get more buildings to place down, and the more buildings, the more monkeys. Say I have 5 Boomerang Monkey buildings, I would also have 5 because the amount of Monkeys you place depends on how much of their building you have.


Oh, those nasty Bloons! Our enemies are the Bloons, of course. Bloons can have multiple layers, like 2, layers, 3, 4, 5 or even 100!

Pretend there is a Bloon with 2 layers (Blue Bloon), then it would have to be popped by a dart or another projectile twice. You get the point, right? So… I said 100 layers. Yeah! That’s a bloon! Well, more-so a blimp but still the same thing. They’re called MOAB’s (Massive Ornary Air Blimp). There are 4 types of them, here they are. MOAB, BFG (Brutal Floating Behemoth), ZOMG (Zeppelin of Mighty Gargantuaness), and DDT (Dark Dirigible Titan). The strongest Bloons are those 4 MOAB type Bloons.

Here’s their strengh: MOAB: 200 hits, DDT: 400, BFB: 700, and ZOMG: 4000… Woah, 4000 hits is a lot.

There’s also types/modifications on Bloons. Bloons can have a Camo modification, which allows the Bloon to not be seen by certain classes, and then there’s a regrow Bloon that can regenerate layers when not being attacked.

Bloon Bosses

Yep! There’s Bloon Bosses! They need thousands of pops to destroy, but once you do destroy them, you get a sweet reward!

How do I find the bosses? I’ll show you!

There’s not much I can tell you about these, but here are all the names of the Bosses, including their material: Bloonarius (Toxic Waste), Blastapopoulos (Lava), Vortex (Air/Sky), and lastly, Dreadbloon (Ground).

Those are all the names of every boss in Bloons Monkey City.

When you beat a boss, you have to beat a certain level with a purple crystal hovering above it before you do another boss. Here’s what it looks like:

Monkey vs Monkey (Research)

You can verse other players to a battle of who-loses-the-quickest-in-a-level sort of thing. You can also send bloons to the enemy/opponent! You need to research Bloon Types before you can send them though. Before you send a Monkey V Monkey attack, you need to place a certain research building, this is what it looks like:

They’re called an Inflation Factory, which creates Bloons, then you add buildings that research Bloon Types like Regrow or Camo bloons.

When you want to upgrade a monkey, you have to research their upgrades in a special building that allows a certain monkey to have certain ugrades that you have to pay for.

Monkey Placement

Now we’re talking about playing actual matches. In this section, I’ll tell you what or what not to do with monkey placement inside matches.

You see how the good example is the monkey that is aligned with the track so the Magic will hit more Bloons, while with the bad one, the magic will just pass through 1 or 2 Bloons then not hit any more. You see? Here’s one more example.

As you can see, there’s one Spike Factory at the front (Bad) and one at the Back (Good). This is because the bad Spike Factory’s spikes will just get destroyed easily, and they have slow firerate, as at the good example, there will be lots more spikes to catch the Bloons that happen to pass by the defences.

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