Red Dead Redemption 2 – How to Get The Ultimate Edition Bonus Items (Red Dead Online)

If you bought the ultimate edition and don’t know how to get the bonuses. This guide will help you get them.

Guide to Collect The Ultimate Edition Bonus

Guns, Outfits, Horse, Saddle & Camp Kit

You should get: 3 guns, 2 outfits, 1 horse, 1 saddle and 1 theme camp kit.

  1. Play online and create your character.
  2. Complete your first Horley mission.
  3. Press J or go into a General Store. You will find 3 guns, 2 outfits and 1 horse that cost $0. Unfortunately, the Grizzilies Outlaw outfit is not included. It’s only free for consoles.
    Note: If you bought them from the book it will be delivered to your locker box at your Camp or in a Post Office. If you cannot find them. Go to a Gun Shop to get the guns. To wear your outfits, go to your wardrobe at your Camp or in a changing room in a General Store or Tailor Shop.
  4. To get the Survival Theme Camp Kit for $0, go to your camp and talk to Cripps.
  5. To get the High Plains Cutting Saddle for $0, go to a stable and add a new saddle.
  6. If you cannot buy the Thoroughbred Black Chestnut Horse, go to a stable and buy a new stable for $100 or sell your own horse. Then press J again and buy the horse for $0. Re-enter the stable.

Thoroughbred Black Chestnut Horse

High Plains Cutting Saddle

Copperhead Enforcer

Blackrose Bounty Hunter

Survival Theme Camp Kit

Varmint Rifle

Pump-Action Shotgun

Volcanic Pistol

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