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Sword Art Online: Alicization Lycoris - Relic Boss Drop Guide

Written by jadensaxton02   /   Jul 14, 2020    

This guide covers equipment obtained through relic boss drops.

Equipment Locations

Northern Empire

Heavy claymore savage of nature lodend mountains.

Dragoncrest the clandestine beast lodend mountains.

Deforester savage of nature rivalier forest.

Deathbringer the clandestine beast sustnel mountains.

Iron fortress sword savage of nature uetra valley.

Forest fabric armor the gargantuan beast uetra valley whale monster that can crash game.

Whirlwind blade savage of nature lockiss.

Forest tempest the clandestine beast lockiss rocks.

Savage tailwhip the clandestine beast cordea plains.

Southern Empire

Scorching blade lv 29 the clandestine beast vizeah valley.

Beasthowl savage of nature lv 35 vizeah valley.

Heavy chainmail the clandestine beast lv 30 creyst cove.

Anchorhead whip the clandestine beast warmia greenbelt.

Double-edged blade savage of nature creyst cove.

Whirlpool hammer beast in the lake creyst cove whale monster can cause game to crash.

Ripple dagger the gargantuan beast deusoldort desert.

Cinder bow savage of nature deusoldort desert.

Moondrop ripple savage of nature reind lakeshore.

Eastern Empire

White mist armor the clandestine beast sivilia mountains eastern empire.

Twilight fang savage of nature sarole mountains eastern empire.

Western Empire

Ravagers war bow the beast of the quarry mildea plains western empire.

Frostpeak savage of nature mildea plains western empire.

Beastwail the clandestine beast mildea plains western empire.

Mountain flattener the lake walker mildea plains western empire.

Snowsunder savage of nature snild snowfields western empire.

Bladerender armor the beast in the crags minelda rocks western empire.

Ferocious gale the clandestine beast minelda rocks western empire.

Gator skin whip savage of nature villind plateaus western empire.

Flower cyclone the clandestine beast villind plateaus western empire.

Written by jadensaxton02.