Superhot: Mind Control Delete – All Secrets Guide

A guide to the location of all the secrets in the release version of the game!

The Secrets

All credit goes to Conphil1!

1: Lab – In the main area.

2: Casino – Pull all 3 handles.

3: Corridors – Use the palm tree to get to the roof.

4: Bar – Remove the painting and throw a bullseye.

5: Disco – Use the record on the console 3 times.

6: Dojo – Hit the armor with the fans.

7: Garage – Hit the engine with a hammer.

8: Station – Take a gas canister, jump over the fence, hit the truck with the gas.

9: Gym – Give a statue steroids.

10: Island – Climb over the bookcase.

11: Office – Take the payphone out to the phonebooth.

12: Platform – Use a wrench on the big pipe.

13: Prison – Shoot the lock off the jail cell.

14: Servers – Shoot the bolts off the bridge.

15: Studio – Throw a tube of paint on the canvas.

16: Subway – Open the doors and go around.

17: Bank – Use the two keycards on the vault.

18: Site – Climb over the truck and to the right.

19: Morgue – Stab a cadaver with a fork.

20: Yakuza – Use the toilet.

21: Sewers – Throw a valve on the valve point on the ceiling.

22: Kitchen – Shove a fork in the electrical outlet.

23: Parking – Use the keycard on the gate.

24: Containers – Hit the cargo door with a crowbar.

25: Chapel – Climb up and out the middle.

26: Canal – Under the bridge.

27: Tower – Use the bell to reach the rafters.

28: Library – Take the lowest down book to reveal a passage.

29: Mansion – Throw the fish off the balcony.

30: Sawmill – Shoot the lock and parkour.

31: Corpo – Slowly jump out into the desk vortex.

32: Helipad – Get as high as you can.

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