Brick Rigs – How to Make a Simple Hover Vehicle

This is how to make a vehicle hover without those noisy and laggy thrusters.

Guide to Making Hover Vehicle

So here I will show you how to make a hover vehicle in 5 easy steps!

Step 1 (shown in red)

Get a 24x12x1 brick.

Step 2 (shown in orange)

Put 2 rederector 1x1x1 04 on each corner.

Step 3 (shown in yellow)

Put axle 1x2x1s on all rederectors, invert the steering on the backwards facing ones and give the front axles a steering angle of 30.

Step 4 (shown in green)

Put the 3x4s wheel on all axles.

Step 5 (shown in blue)

Put a drivers seat and an engine on.

And whalla! now you have your very own hover vehicle!

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