Brick Rigs – How to Turbocharge Vehicle

In this guide, I will teach you how to functionally turbocharge your vehicle, giving additional horsepower at higher RPM’s.

Guide to Giving Additional Horsepower to Vehicle

What Is a Turbocharger?

A turbo supercharger is a forced induction device that, when fitted to an internal combustion engine, uses the force of exhaust gasses to compress and propel additional air and fuel into the combustion chamber for increased power and torque at high engine loads. It is often found on high performance production cars, as well as more modern economy cars and modified race and street cars. A turbocharger is used because it is light, relatively cheap, easy to place in a tight engine bay, and makes good power while not decreasing fuel economy due to it not forcing more air into the engine at low engine RPMs. It is also commonly found on diesel engines since the thick exhaust gasses can easily spin a larger turbo, and therefore get even more additional power compared to a gasoline engine.

How to Turbocharge Your Brick Rigs Creation

Step 1: Put a Wheel on Your Creation

Put any kind of wheel on your creation, preferably not the smallest available and one that uses the standard axle size. Needs to have a tire pressure and a stud on it

Step 2: Put A Brick on the Wheel and Check Tire Pressure

Put a brick on the stud of your wheel and check the wheel’s tire pressure; you’ll need this information later

Step 3: Place Wheel Inside Wheel

Place a wheel of similar size or smaller size on the axle the original wheel is attached to. Make sure the 2 wheels are connected using the brick(s) you placed on the original wheel’s central stud

Step 4: Reduce Newly Placed Wheel’s Tire Pressure

Reduce the tire pressure of your newly placed wheel to a value below the original tire’s pressure. The pressure of this tire will affect how early the turbo spools and how effective the turbo boost is. You can also hide the original wheel by selecting it then pressing the H key in order to access the turbocharging wheel easier. This will help when tuning your turbo after repetitively leaving and entering the editor

Step 5: Hoon Around with Your Newly Turbocharged Vehicle

Have fun with your turbocharged car! Tune the pressure in your tires to change how the turbo acts, and try it out with different engines and tires!

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