Dark and Light – How to Taming a Bargesh

Beginners Guide to Taming a Bargesh

  • Split a ton of meat in your inventory into stacks of 1 and let it spoil. (They get boosted taming speed from spoiled meat.) 
  • Knock the Bargesh out by kiting it with bow or crossbow and hook arrows. (Pull him away from where you planted the arrows in the ground so the tether snaps and torpor is applied. 
  • Optionally build thatch structures around the tame to protect it from wild mobs trying to attack it while its downed. 
  • Occassionally check on the downed Bargesh constitution and when it gets low plink a few hook arrows into it to raise it again. 
  • Make sure you bring a saddle with you when taming the Bargesh so as soon as it is done you can ride off with it into the sunset if the immediate area is dangerous. 
  • Finally ride to the starting town of your choice and proceed to troll noobs by spamming your right click until their dead. Optional, I prefer levelling on high lvl mobs personally.. Heh.
Written by Phatkap

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