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Horizon Zero Dawn - How to Reduce Game Size

Written by mcc   /   Aug 10, 2020    

This guide will show you how 2 free 11+ GB of disc space in Horizon Zero Dawn.

Guide to Reduce Game Size

Like many other games hzd will install language-pack files of all supported languages.

By following these simple steps you can free 11+ GB of disc space.

Step 1

Open the game folder of HZD:

  • .../Steam/common/Horizon Zero Dawn

Step 2

Open the Packed_DX12-folder

Here you will find many idx & bin-files. These are the language-pack files.

Example (English language-pack files):

  • DLC1_English.idx.
  • DLC1_English.bin.
  • Initial_English.idx.
  • Initial_English.bin.
  • Remainder_English.idx.
  • Remainder_English.bin.

Each language-pack consists of 6 files.

Step 3

Delete all the other language-pack files.

In the release day version you can delete 50 files & free 11+ GB of disc space.


Future updates may restore these files. If you verify the game-cache the files will also be restored.


Written by mcc.