Crusader Kings III – How to Obtain Land of the Rus Achievement

Land of the Rus Achievement Guide

Goal of achievement: Make Empire of Russia as Rurik ‘Troublemaker’ of Holmgardr.

Step 1

  • Select lifestyle ‘Chivalry focus’.
  • Taking ‘Bellum Justum’ perk (gain -50% bonus cost for casus belli) at the left branch is enough if Overseer or Gallant branch is already taken at a start.
  • If you get left branch at the take 3 perks at gallant branch (Stalwart Leader, Chivalric Dominance and Never Back Down).

Note: In 872 select Medicine Focus and learn all of Whole of Body branch

  • Choose task of your spouse to Manage Domain.
  • Move Rally Point of your Army to a border with Chiefdom of Vodi and declare war on them for county.
  • Repeat with Polotsk. Grant extra domain to any courtier.

Step 2

  • Create Kingdom of Novgorod and duchy Luki (You should make it to receive CB “Subligination”).
  • Hire 4-5 light footmen man-at-arms (Waiting for refill).
  • After refilling we are going to raid Minsk. When we completely raid all this lands to ash – than declare war with CB “Subligination”.

Step 3

  • Become slavic and slovianska pravda (slovianskan).
  • Vassalize all possible tribals, expect Kiev (If you don’t have enough relations with tribals for vassalization – send them a gift).
  • Start raids against Kiev, when we completely raid all these lands to ash – then declare war with CB “Conquer duchy Kiev” (AI likes go to siege you capital while you siegeing him).
  • If you are lucky enough, now you have only tribals with slavic and slovianska pravda(slovianskan) and you can vassalize them.

Step 4

Now the main thing before you create Empire Russia:

  • Turn your armies to the east and conquer all lands here in de-jure Empire Russia.

Note: Use CB “Conquer duchy” and don’t break peace treaty.

  • Turn your armies to the west and do the same thing.

Note: Do not grant any duchy titles to anyone and keep in mind to change vassals culture and religion.

Step 5

  • By this moment you should form the Empire of Russia, but there is a chance that your ruler died, that’s why we chose Medicine Focus and Whole of Body branch.
  • It took me 38 years of lazy gameplay, where 2 years I wasted to get enough gold to create a title.

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