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Spelunky 2 - How to Kill Shopkeepers and Exit Keepers

Written by onion the rock   /   Sep 30, 2020    

Do you miss the rush of killing shopkeepers? Do you want to ensure that this scum of the earth doesn't make it past your first encounter? Fear not! As in this guide I will help you ensure that these fiendish creatures are extinct within seconds!

Guide to Murder Shopkeepers and Exit Keepers

Murdering Shopkeepers

I would not advise doing the second and third methods when he is selling any bombs or pack items (jet pack. Hover pack. Power pack. Etc) because if you do then its very likely that those items will explode.

So this first method is done by walking as far behind the shopkeeper as possible as shown in the image above. Then you have to throw a rope and right after pick up his shot gun and blast him before he wakes up. This method can be done while he is selling bombs and pack items by moving the items to where he stands when you walk into the shop then picking up one item and making him go to the center of the shop then throwing the item in your hand as close to the other items as possible then standing on the side close to the items as shown in the image below and throwing a rope and picking up his shotgun and firing.

Now this next method I call the stupid shop this method can be done by picking up any weapons he happens to be selling and just shooting him its very simple.

Now this last method is the most difficult it can be done by standing in the center of the second item away from the shopkeeper as shown in the image below. Then you have to tap your jump key and bomb key at the same time this will cause you to land on the shopkeepers head then pick up the shotgun as fast as possible and shoot him. Make sure you tap jump and bomb because if you hold jump you will jump to high and miss his head.

Murdering Exit Keepers

Killing exit keepers is very very simple, the methods used are the same as used in spelunky 1, there are 2 main methods that will work in different scenarios and you should always be able to use at least one of these in any situation.

Method 1

It is simple, if the exit keeper has a distance from you of about 8 tiles or more, and if the path is clear, you can shoot at him from afar until he is dealt with, this is the easiest method by far and if the path is not clear you may also be able to clear it with a bomb assuming you have some and are willing to use them (This is of course assuming you have a shotgun that you already stole from one of his buddies).

Method 2

It is for when the exit keeper is hidden away in a shaft/narrow area or if there is simply too much in the way to fire from afar, if he is in a shaft and you do have glue, go up next to the shaft entrance which is likely a edge you can grab, place the stickybomb on the floor, pick it up, grab the ledge, and let it go, "you'll feel like the ultimate badass!" -Israel blargh.

If you do not have glue you can leave the bomb on the floor for a short time, and as its soon to explode, throw it into his shaft, if you time it right it should instantly kill him.

If he is in the open you can stick a bomb to him by throwing it at a good angle, or if you dont have glue you can leave the bomb on the floor and throw it when the time is right so it kills him instantly, however if you have no bombs, you can always try running past him in the open by angering him and running away, then coming back to run for the exit when he is far enough, or stomping on him in the shaft and quickly exiting.

Written by onion the rock.

Game:   Spelunky 2