Slime Rancher – Basic 5-Day Rush Guide

A very basic guide on how I got all three 5-Day Achievements.

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How to Get All 5-Day Achievements

  • Step #1: Buy the jetpack and clear your farm of pink slimes. Just ditch them outside the front gate. 
  • Step #2: You have to be quick here. Suck up as much food as you can, chickens, fruit and veg. 
  • Step #3: Pop the pink Gordo near the ranch entrance and take the slime key. 
  • Step #4: Head out to the indigo quarry picking up as much veg as you can on the way and feed it to the Rock Gordo in the caves. 
  • Step #5: Proceed through the quarry and suck up all the Crystal and Rad slimes you can as well as a few Oca Oca as well as any other veg. 
  • Step #6: Warp back to the ranch and put all your slimes in the corral. Feed the Oca Oca to the Rad slimes but keep one back. Feed the other veg to any slime thats hungry. 
  • Step #7: Suck up enough plorts to buy a farm and grow Oca Oca. 
  • Step #8: Go back to the quarry and try to pop the Rock Gordo. Pick up more Rad and Crystal slimes and as many Oca Oca as you can. 
  • Step #9: Remove harvest from farm and plant again. It grows faster. Use the veg you have gained to feed the slimes in your corral whenever they are hungry. 
  • Step #10: Use the plorts you gain to buy high walls and a plort collector as it’s dangerous without them as well as upgrade your farm to make the crops grow faster. 
  • Step #11: Buy another corral and farm then repeat the process. 
  • Step #12: Buy the grotto to gain access to the quarry warp. 
  • Step #13: Repeat the process as many times as you wish. Collecting slimes, building farms and corrals. 

Using the above strategy I gained 50K before midnight on day three and only had 4 corrals and 4 farms. I imagine you can get a lot more if you want to challenge yourself.

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